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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Sneaky Stena Line purchase.

Bored out of my brain on the ferry, I am writing this from the lounge. Thank heavens for free wireless internet! There is free wine but I think that mixed with the motion will not have a good result...

The small shop on the ferry wasn't a total waste of time, although it had mainly all the same lines as the last time I was on the ferry, dusty and unloved, a few boxes of chanel and dior as well as the ever present clinique and clarins sets. However, I was delighted to find a few Urban Decay products on a display in the shop. Not deterred by the messy and dusty display I decided to not purchase the shadows as they had all been opened or likely shattered from being tossed about the shelf. I decided to purchase the mini 24/7 glide on pencil set. It was obviously meant to be as I had cursed myself that I missed out on the set from Urban Decay last Christmas. I know that Urban Decay are bringing out an anniversary set next year and I intend to purchase that one too. I have a few UD pencils mainly black, brown and purple (lust) and I think they are unsurpassed in terms of quality, colour and longevity.

The set of 24/7 pencils comprises 9 travel sized (about 1/2 the full size) and one full size in Zero (black). The travel size colours from left to right are all creamy metallics: Eldorado (gold), Whiskey (taupe brown), Stash (dark khaki green), Mildew (olive), Electric (turquoise), Ransom (indigo), Binge (dark blue), Rockstar (plum) and Gunmetal (grey).

Shaky picture taken using my phone and in the lounge!

Back to my New Year break, see you when I get back!

What are you favourite eye liners?


  1. I have the liner in Electric and I don't know if it's just mine but it's as hard as a rock and impossible to use. Zero is a bit creamier but I don't like how they won't sharpen to a finer point. If you like Urban Decay enter my Book of Shadows 3 giveaway!
    Kat x

  2. Lovely! We never have such good sets on the Manx ferries. I agree though, booze and motion don't sound like a good mix!
    Jane x


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