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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Wintry Lips - Just say No to chapped lips!

I'm sitting here in my pyjamas and I reach over to my bedside cabinet for a lip balm. I realise that this lip balm is always there as I actively keep it there. Rather than my absent minded product strewn desk in the study. It is my favourite and most intensive over night treatment.

Nip + Fab is a brand that has received a lot of attention both good and bad because it is a cheaper and "cut down" version of it's sister-more-expensive brand called Rodial. I personally wouldn't justify purchase of a Rodial product unless I couldn't find a more cost effective version. I don't think my practical outlook on cosmetics or wallet for that matter are the target audience for Rodial.

That being said, I was keen to try Nip+Fab products. I have tried the Tummy Fix, Lip+Nip Fix and Under Eye Concealer. The concealer is brilliant however far too light for my skin tone and too pink. However I have given my tube to a friend who thinks it's great. Better than her touche ├ęclat that she buys in duty free every year! The tummy fix whether psychosomatic or real seems to work for me. But you have to be religious about using it morning and night or it all goes to pot. I noticed a firmer tummy but have since slacked a bit about using it now that I am getting to the end of the tube. I am saving it for special occasions when a super flat tummy is needed, think little black dress or bikini.

Back to the Lip+Nip Fix. It is an odourless**, pale brown, viscous, lanolin substance which is is incredibly difficult to squeeze out of the 15ml tube. However a little goes a long long way! It melts with body heat in to a non sticky or greasy feeling balm. It has many uses rather than the obvious lip and nipple balm. I use it on knees and elbows, scratches and grazes, emergency eye shine and eye brow tamer and cuticle cream. You can also use it whipped up as an emergency make up remover. This is one handy little thing to have.

As I don't use Vaseline (for cruelty free reasons) this is a brilliant alternative. For Lanolin allergy sufferers, this is sadly not for you.

At £7.95 it is an expensive lip balm, but a cheap multi-purpose balm. Consider the readily available alternatives such as Elizabeth Arden which the smell is so overpowering that I can't bear it anywhere near my nose and mouth and it's suddenly not all that expensive.

You can buy Nip+Fab products from their website or see their website for retail stockists.

This is my second tube of Nip+Fab Lip + Nip Fix, the first was provided for PR purposes.

** Today I noticed it smells a bit "sheepy". I suppose that's the Lanolin. It's not overly unpleasant but noticeable.


  1. I've never heard of these products before but I think I need to try some! Especially the Tummy Fix xx

  2. I've never heard of them either, but thanks for your in-depth review! I'm a newbie blogger learning a lot from you pros :)


  3. Never heard of this product... thanks for the info... I'm your new follower... :-))

  4. interesting! definitly will try it. thanks jasmine!


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