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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Tool Turnabout Brush Storage Carousel, wheeee!

Since this kitchen utensil gadget came in to my life, the chaos on my desk has considerably reduced. The Pampered Chef Tool Turnabout, although not an essential brush storage product, really is great. It has 15 compartments in three tiers on a rotating carousel which makes sorting, storing and reaching your brushes really easy. I have all my brushes organised by type and sometimes brand. The Tool turnabout was originally designed for the kitchen worktop but it holds pride of place on my desk holding all of my brushes, yes all! Just for information, I keep dirty brushes in a separate glass vase.

If you'd like to win yourself an early Christmas present, simply enter the giveaway here. Don't leave comments here or on the post as they will not count! Hurry as there's only a day or two left to enter!

If you're not lucky enough to win one from R8Beauty then the Tool Turnabout priced at £18 is available from the Pampered Chef website through your local agent.


  1. I've entered! I saw this on xSparkages's Youtube and wanted it right away. I would love to win one of these! :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing ^^

  3. It's so cool! :) I've already entered and I'd love to win one, as I have too many brushes!


  4. Looks fantastic! Will definitely check it out, thanks hun :) xxx

  5. that is the coolest organizer ever!!

  6. Had to tell you I went and bought one of these last night, its a brilliant idea!


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