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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Ask Jasmine - Puffy Eyes

Q: Jasmine, I'm also an avid fan of your vids and blog. I hope that you can help me concerning my eyes. I always wake up with puffy eyes. Even after cooling them they need ages to go down. I hardly feel the drive to do my eyes (I prefer nude eye make up at the moment) but I have to. Otherwise I look like a zombie on ecstasy. ;-) Anyways, is there an opportunity to do a natural eye make up to veil or cover my puffy and baggy eyes? Thanks for your help, dear!

A: Cooling with a eye patch is always a really good idea first thing in the morning as it brings the worst of it down. Aloe vera gel applied to the area as well will help. If you're in a rush in the morning so don't have the time (who does!?) then you need to take a look at your moisturiser. Sometimes we use eye creams and moisturisers which are too rich for our skin. They sit on the surface all night long and make the skin puffy. Avoid using a rich cream around the eyes at night or use a gel. If you are going to use an eye cream, it is best applied about two hours before you go to sleep, otherwise skip it and put some on in the morning.

A good brightening concealer will really lift the area, concentrate is at the edges of the bag, where is meets your "normal" skin. Avoid shimmery eye shadow whilst your eyes are puffy as that draws attention to it.

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  1. A small tips which helps puffy eyes

    For puffy eyes and dark circle mix coconut oil and castor oil.Massage it gently around your eyes with your ring finger for 10 minutes or until the oil get absorbed.With in few weeks you will notice the result.

    Hope it helps

  2. I think cutting back on salt might be helpful and putting your eye gel in the fridge to keep it cool.

  3. Thanks for answering my quessie! Maybe I should change my eye cream (I admit that it's too rich). I'll tell you if this might help. And yes, you're right, my mornings are very busy so I can't cool them with eye patches or do any extra treatment (I neglect them for ages). Anyways, I'll tell you if a new eye gel works. :-)
    @ Ms. Givens: I don't consume too much salt so it isn't the main reason for my "cushions". ;-)

  4. @mylanqolia Hi! If u regularly have puffy eyes despite proper sleep and cutting bac on salty foods maybe u shud check 4 any underlying medical causes.Sometimes our body's just trying to tell us something :)

  5. if you get puffy eyes in the morning make sure you sleep with the back of your head on the pillow (ie upright) so any fluids will drain while you're asleep. i used to find sleeping on my side gave me puffy eyes.

  6. For puffy or baggy eyes, blepharoplasty is also a very effective method. My mom actually had a blepharoplasty procedure not long time ago in order to treat her puffy eyes. She found a great and professional doctor and so the results were fantastic. Because of this reason, she highly recommends this cosmetic surgery!


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