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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Ask Jasmine - Eye Bags n Wrinkles!

Q: Can you please tell how to get smooth eyes like yours? You have no wrinkles or bags. I have bags and wrinkles and I really want smooth eyes just like yours. Do you use any products?

A: Prevention is easier, cheaper and more effective than curing them so I'll start with a few common sense products I have used for about 10 years:

1. A good eye cream at night, I have used many and I currently use Alva eye cream.

2. A moisturiser or foundation with a Sun Protection Factor of 30.

3. Do not smoke! Top cause of premature ageing is smoking. Quit as soon as you can.

4. Hydrate yourself from the inside. Water is the best beauty product there is, set yourself a target to drink a litre a day, that's only five glasses. One with each meal and then one between, that doesn't sound so hard?

As for bags, there is no miracle way to get rid of those either (other than surgery which is an expensive and last resort). Things which help a little are gels (such as aloe vera gel). They have a tightening effect, but use a little or it can feel uncomfortable. The effects are of course temporary and you will need to use it several times a day to keep up the effect. Natural oils from your skin will negate the the effect.

The use of brightening concealers help flatten the bags and lift the wrinkles; concentrate it in your wrinkles and at the edges of the bag to give an optical lifting effect to the bag edges blending it in with the rest of the face). Nip + Fab have an excellent eye brightening products which works very well (use sparingly and work quickly). I use the e.l.f undereye concealer and highlighter in medium blended in with fingers or a fluffy brush and set with powder.

Fillers are also an answer whether surgical injections or surface fillers which contain silicone which you can go over with your concealer or foundation. I have seen cosmetic fillers by several companies, but haven't used them myself. Soap and Glory is the most recent I have seen. Use them around the outer corners of the eyes and lips/nose for best effect.

If you have any Questions for me or indeed product recommendations which can help please leave a comment below!


  1. Which moisturiser with spf would you recommend (European brand)? I am prone to breakouts and feel like the thick consistency of some products with spf makes my skin breakout even more.

  2. My sister is allergic to the SPF ingredients, so no matter which she uses she always gets spots. Perhaps you are also allergic to SPF. Try a mineral which has a natural SPF and is naturally non irritating.

  3. I have eye bags and have tried many many products and nothing works :(
    Aloe vera gel works for a party when I want to be at my best but I know that I have to live with that (little) problem. The only solution is surgery but I don't want to do that so I make the best with that bad deal lol!


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