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Monday, 1 November 2010

Do not fear the Red lipstick!

As a child, red lipstick was pretty much the colour every Indian woman wore, that or some sort of dark maroon. It was just a given that it would be my first real lip stick and I am still drawn to it now.

To me, nothing makes me feel more powerful and feminine at the same time. I suggest you try it for a day and see how many doors are opened, people glance your way or engage you in conversation in shops. Whether that is my confidence coming through or the draw of the red lipstick I don't know but it is fun. The power of red lipstick is quite intense.

How to wear such a commanding colour? Simply is the answer, always. In the video below I have teamed a neutral eyelid and slightly smoky top lash with a red lip stain. I also used a lip lock pencil in place of a lip liner as I find these work much better and being colourless it requires no great skill or time to use. It is a must with red lipstick, or you run the risk of smudging, bleeding and you may end up looking like Robert Smith (The Cure) on a bad day.

Lipstains Gold is not a new brand but they are at the forefront of "staining technology". It is the only brand I know of that have created a true red, not a pink but a hot red lipstain. It doesn't remain impeccable for 12 hours, it requires a touch up or two. I have found that it still looks great after eating and drinking. Also even taking it off of an evening, the next morning my lips have a slight tint. The texture is light and balmy, it does go slightly dry on the lips but not as much as other lip stains I have used.

What are you memories of red lipstick?


  1. Hello jasmine, I also love red lipstick but I always feared to wear it as my lips are not full enough, so i'm afraid if I wear it lips might look even less full. the thing is that my upper lip is less full than my lower lip. Maybe you could suggest me anything, I'd be very grateful.

  2. I used to wear red lipstick all the time, I wore one by kryolan over an Estee Lauder red lip liner and then I would "set" it all with a Bourjois sparkly red blusher - this was the 1980s mind - it did not budge and matte was the look then. Nowadays red just seems too high maintainance, but because to me it always looks best with minimal other makeup, maybe I am missing a trick - great video, thankyou. Jan x

  3. hey dear ... i just saw ur blog today and i am sooo surprised was i fool to not see it earlier...
    i love ur youtube videos , u do amazinggg makeup ..
    am so glad to see ur blog here ....

  4. Another sophisticated make up that looks awesome on you. Lady, you're the mistress of this technique!
    I have a nice red lipstick by Catrice but it isn't very long-lasting due its creamy and moisturizing formula. I can't wait to test the lipglosses of their new range, btw. :-)


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