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Friday, 29 October 2010

Christmas shopping

The old saying is correct, you generally give presents you yourself would like to receive. This year is no different. I've already finished my Christmas shopping so here's the list of items I have bought for friends and family! If you are a friend or family member, I suggest you don't read on unless you want to know what I've got you for Christmas. If you're not on the list, it may mean you are getting a non-beauty related product! I will be posting about non-beauty gifts later as I have found some lovely items that the guys will enjoy that might just give you some inspiration.

Mother in Law
The hardest person to buy for, it's a minefield when dealing with MILs. An extravagant present seems patronising, a small gift seems mean, so I went safe by choosing a Liz Earle Superskin Gift Set (£42). The set contains six items (cleaser, tonic, 2 cloths, facial moisturiser, body moisturiser, and superskin concentrate) in a pretty blue box with matching ribbon. Result, no wrapping needed.

Sister in Law
A less fraught decision, I erred on the safe side by selecting a gorgeous candle that no one could possibly dislike. Jonathan Ward Amber Collection Soya Candle in Mombasa Club 1932. A warm, aromatic, spicy and sophisticated candle that I have found hard to match in terms of quality. I have tried various other candles (NEOM, Jo Malone, AVEDA etc...) and these are pretty good for the price and the scents are so unique. When buying someone a candle for a present, which can seem a bit small and insignificant, bear in mind that these are high quality soya and high concentration essential oil based candles, they are stronger, require less burning time and do not produce soot which is better for your furniture and health. The person receiving it might not appreciate that but after using it they will never go back to a cheap paraffin candle again! I bought my Jonathan Ward candles from Wholefoods for £30 (£20 for the medium size). You can also purchase from other reputable stockists and online.

Brother in Law's other half...
This New Year my husband and I are a visiting family and are staying with my brother in law. So it is incredibly rude not to turn up with presents for his other half. I won a Body Oil from the other week and after trying it I decided to explore the range further and buy a bottle for the lady of the house! You can find Roger and Gallet products in most good department stores or explore for inspiration. Huile Sublime is just gorgeous, I have been using it after showers to moisturise and it is wonderfully uplifting and leaves my skin soft and pampered.

My eldest Sister
Bank Holiday Monday after Christmas is a always a chilled family day, my husband and I will be gathering at my eldest sisters house in Devon for a family party. My sister is a big fan of Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish but I decided not to get her the same set as MIL, and have opted for a few other items from the range that she won't have tried.

My middle sister
A few weeks ago I purchased the entire range of samples from of the Face Atelier Ultra Foundation. I gave one of these to my sister to try. She took it with her on a mini break and said that it was excellent as a medium/full coverage foundation. So she wants a full bottle for Christmas. The easiest present I have ever had to buy. £32 for a 30ml bottle + shipping from the website.

I have a neice, she is nearly 10 years old. I think I may have corrupted this young lady already with make up. When she visits, she would quite happily go through my collection. Do you find that young girls are all fascinated with mascara? I figure it is an aspirational product for young girls seeing their mothers not leaving the house without at least applying mascara. Well I feel she's too young for make up but she is allowed to wear it for parties (and when she comes to visit her aunt). I know she has her eye on the e.l.f Mini Make Up Collection.

Best Friend
I have used my friends as canvasses many times. I know their faces, colouring and tastes. But I like to stretch their comfort zone a bit and get them using products which will deliver benefits and confidence. However, I have to remember that they are not make up addicts like me so I tend to over buy for them confusing them with new concepts such as eye lid primers and HD powder! So this year I am buying key must have items such as lipstains which last 12 hours. Great if you're a busy teacher, musician and mum! My favourite are from Lipstains Gold and my favourite colour (apart from Red) is Blush. £5.25 each or you can buy a pack of four for £26 from the website.

I hope this helps you with your choices for Christmas presents this year! Good luck!


  1. Xmas shopping is a nightmare isn't it. Wow you are prepared, i always leave things too late. I might try and start looking now so its not a rush this year x

  2. These look like a great selection of gifts - MIL is very hard I agree, but my mum is awful, I buy her decent products from decent ranges and she never uses them, or uses them 2 or 3 times a week, the sad thing is that she used to be like me as in trying things and having a good routine...I am hoping like mother like daughter is not true, but I admit I am getting lazier as the years progress. Thanks for these great ideas. Jan

  3. This is such a helpful post Jasmine. Really enjoyed reading it and it's got me into the festive spirit x

  4. Wow... I haven't even started. They all sound like nice products.

  5. Wooo... ! Jasmine I admire you, you're very organized! I will do my Xmas shopping on the end of November. Your family will be very spoiled (I hope it's the right word... I find it on Reverso lol!)I hope your MIL will appreciate her gift. And I love luxurious candles. Lucky them! :)

  6. @nicoletta, it pays to be organised, I have no holiday between now and Christmas and I despise shopping when it's too busy to breathe! I think I have some presents left to buy, thankfully they are online purchases so it's less stressful! Good luck!

    @lipstickmama you're welcome for the ideas, no one can be offended by expensive candles and toiletries!

    @Lauren, good to hear you're feeling festive! I have already bought Xmas decs and lights, but I am not allowed to put them up yet!

    @Beautydiva, it pays to work in the beauty industry, as I have tried these products myself so I know they are good value and gorgeous!

    @Augustine yes spoiled is the right word, I hope they do like them. I think I enjoy giving more than receiving!

  7. Ooh! Lots of lovely Christmas shopping ideas. You are so organised having it done already. I know I need to start putting my mind to what I need to buy.

    Thanks for sharing your idea,
    Jane x


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