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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

R8Beauty Review Giveaway - Ultraglow Shimmer Pots

R8Beauty is a project I have been working on for nearly a year and over the last few months it has started to bear fruit. My role involves finding interesting cosmetics and beauty products for R8Beauty. Along the way I have tried some fantastic brands and products that are waiting in the wings for R8Beauty reviewers to try for free. It's been incredibly hard not to review them here immediately, I've even had to resort to sitting on my hands until the urge to photograph and type passes!

Now you know about it, I hope you'll enter the free weekly giveaways and become a fan of the facebook page to hear about the items I've hand picked for you to win. Reviews are confidential and rewarded with entry in to another contest to win even more products to try. It is free and secure to enter, your details are not used by any other company for marketing purposes.

Companies that have worked with R8Beauty in the earliest stages have been happy to report that they've received really useful feedback to improve their products and brand. They have also received greater hits and followers to their websites. More importantly, reviewers have had the the chance to try products that aren't even available to buy in Europe yet, which is always a coup.

If you're a company and you'd like to reach out to people with news of your new products, then please get in touch with me via email.

R8Beauty has its own blog here too.

For the latest giveaway, you can enter below or via the facebook page directly.

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  1. Because I know your stance on animal testing and cruelty I can safely enter this. I am usually limited to contests and reviews and such becasue of products I am unsure of. Glad they have you on their team!


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