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Friday, 8 October 2010

Glitter gal Red 3D Holographic Nail Polish

If you want your nails to have the wow factor, a truly beautiful nail polish is this Glitter gal holographic in red. I haven't tried many holographic nail polishes as I haven't heard good things about application and wear from nail blogger friends.

This one was a dream to apply, the picture below is two coats, although one would have been enough really. With two you get an even deeper holographic effect. This polish dries fairly quickly and I would only put on a top coat if I were going to wear it longer than a day.

To completely pull off a good holographic, you have to buff your nails to a smooth and shiny finish, as every dent and bump shows up otherwise.

I just want to show you how gorgeous I think this colour is!

Mewser is less impressed, but seriously she knows nothing about cosmetics.

Glitter gal nail polishes are available from the Australian website for $AUS9.95 and they accept Paypal for international shipments.

This product was provided for review purposes.


  1. I love the colour I am ashamed to admit I haven't heard of holographc nail varnish tho so thanks this post I shall educate myself!

  2. 3D holographic nail polish?! I want to try that! it looks beautiful :)

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