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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Experimental Candle Making!

Being a huge fan of good quality candles, I thought I'd try and make a candle myself!

1. Start with a double heater, which is bascically some tin foil in a saucepan. Make sure to leave enough to make a spout to pour the wax.

2. Whilst your wax is melting on a very low heat, gather together the candle holder and wick.

3. Thread the wick in to the disc holder and tie a knot in the bottom. Keep the wick about 5 cm longer than you need.

4. Glue the wick holder disc in to the bottom of the holder. This stops the wick moving as the wax melts. Once it is set, tie the wick to the pin (or a clothes peg) and balance that on the holder to keep the wick straight whilst it cools.

5. Add essential oils to your melted wax. I am using Geranium and Lavender. For a small candle like mine (which is about three tea lights) I have used about 4 teaspoons of oil mixture. Yes that's a lot of essential oils but otherwise the scent doesn't carry at all.

6. Pour the wax in to the votive holder, keeping a little in the pot for later. Always be careful when pouring the hot wax! Once the candle has set you'll see that there is a dip where the wick sits. So pour the wax that you kept back to fill in this dip.

The candle smelled very nice when burned, it's a clean and relaxing scent. Even Mr OJ noticed and remarked on it. To be honest it's a bit of a faff making your own candles but if you have the time, equipment and want a special scent that you just can't get anywhere else... why not? It's also a great way to use candles that may not have completely burned. I have a Christmas candle that I have remelted and put in a new holder as I had half of it left.

I'm may experiment with different waxes (I prefer soya to paraffin because it does not leave soot everywhere) and different essential oils. I am not sure Jonathan Ward has anything really to worry about, his candles are superb!


  1. That's really interesting and could be a nice way to make a little Christmas pressie for someone. Plus, and this probably makes me sound odd but I love playing with wax! Where did you get the wick from?
    Jane x

  2. Hi Jane, I bought a little set of wicks and holders from ebay!

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