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Friday, 5 November 2010

Ask Jasmine - Oily eye lids.

Q Hi Jasmine
Thanks for all the informative and helpful videos!
Please could you advise me, im from South Africa and we dont have much high end brands besides MAC. I really need an eyeshadow primer and the paint pots dont work for me :-( i have really oily eyelids. I tried importing but Urban decay, Too Faced, benefit, elf & Mary Kay do not ship to this country. We have here what you guys call drugstore brands,please could you suggest something.

Hi, if you can't get a specific eye lid primer then try using your eye shadows wet. Make a light paste using water and your favourite shadow (loose shadows work best). Apply to your lid in a wash of colour, and then use a dry shadow over the top to set and blend it. That works an absolute treat for me if I haven't got a primer handy.

Apply foundation lightly to the eyelid and powder with transluent powder to set. That should act as a primer also. Never use a moisturiser on eye lids either that just adds more oil that they don't need.

Any tips you may have that can help, please leave a comment of question below.


  1. I find using a powder also helps, dust a little of your setting powder over your lids, let it sink it..if you need more, add more and repeat the process (letting it soak in) until your lids don't look oily.

    I've been doing that as a way of finishing my powder off and I find it really works, plus, it doesn't change the colour of your shadows.

  2. I have substituted to dab some concealer as eyeshadow base and it works. Just let it dry/melt in skin, set with powder abit before applying eyeshadow.

  3. Using contact lenses cleaning solution in place of water would work better.

    If you think about it; it's formulated to clean dirt, olis and protein of your contatcs. And it's definately eye safe.
    On top of that, the salt helps to keep your oil down as well.

  4. SA has quite a few of the same drugstore brands as the UK does if I recall correctly. Revlon and the likes are sold there and have a number of alternatives (from what I've gathered from other sites/gurus on YT). Maybe those are worth checking out? I haven't been to SA in 3 years and wasn't that interested in makeup when I last went, but Click's and Woolies etc should have some viable alternatives =)

    The contact lense cleaning solution idea is also a good one in my opinion.

  5. Thanks so much the contact idea was brilliant!!!!Im having so much fun creating new looks using Jasmine's videos!


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