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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Digital Art for Christmas

I am utterly thrilled with my new digital artwork, designed by

Joanna is a fellow YouTube and Twitter friend, and also based in Oxfordshire. I absolutely love this portrait. Joanna took this photo of me from my Twilight tutorial:

To create this digital portrait

For anyone who has tried any digital artistry or even attempted to resize a photo in Photoshop, you'll appreciate how much work and skill goes in to creating artwork of this quality.

Joanna has created a video of the simplified steps to creating this artwork and you can see it below.

If you'd like to give a creative gift this Christmas contact Jo at her website and use my exclusive discount code FRIENDS50 to get a 50% discount until the end of November 2010 (I do not receive any part of the sales generated and neither would I accept them!).

I have commissioned Joanna to create a family portrait for me as I think her work is so beautiful. I plan to give these as gifts all through the year. I will receive the complete digital artwork for me to print as many times as and to whatever sizes I like. You're not just paying for a one off piece of art. If you can't decide on a photograph, then why not buy a gift voucher so that your recipient can decide which pictures to digitize for themselves.

Thank you so much for creating this artwork for me Joanna, you can see it proudly displayed on all of my Social Media channels!

See the gallery of Joanna's work here on her website.

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  1. I'm really glad you liked the portrait Jasmine, it was a pleasure to work on this for you :) Thank you for letting everyone know about my work, Jo x


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