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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

How to get great passport/ID photographs

It's that time again, I need a new passport. With that comes the need for photographs!

I decided to put some thought in to how to make my passport photographs look good, rather than make me look too ill travel!

The tutorial ended up a bit longer than I thought, so it's split in to two videos!


  1. I wish this video had been out before I got the ugliest passport picture EVER taken :_(.

    Great tips!

  2. What a fab idea, I don't usually watch vids but I'll definitely check these out. My pictures never come out right.

    The last ones I had taken were in a post office booth (the one in Oxford in fact!), the lighting was so shocking that I look NW55 rather than NC42. I don't actually look like me at all! Nothing makeup could fix, but I'm never visiting that particular again! x

  3. Fantastic post! I've been putting off renewing my passport, I looked like a ghost in my last passport picture :/


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