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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Wrinkle Filler Review - Soap and Glory Fill Monty

I have been oggling and stalking several wrinkle fillers for the last year or so, and so bit the proverbial bullet a few weeks ago to try to sort out some unappetising frown lines appearing between by eyebrows and also laughter lines around my mouth. I am far too squeamish to consider injections in my face, it kind of doesn't go with my growing old gracefully attitude. I also didn't want to buy creams which contain ingredients which relax facial muscles. I feel that's a bit of a cheat and I just want a cosmetic effect with zero interference beneath the surface.

So after much stalking I settled upon a lower end priced filler, Soap and Glory's Fill Monty Dab-on wrinkle filler. At around £10 for a 12ml pot (about the size of a mineral eye shadow pot), it was worth a try.

Fill Monty is a water and glycerine based, white, fairly thick cream which contains various polymers. These cross over each other to form a kind of mesh. These mesh in theory acts as a bridge over your "dermal canyons" as I like to call them. You can then layer foundation over and no one will be any the wiser!

So did it work? Dabbing hopefully at my forehead I prepared my skin. I applied a mineral foundation and went off for the day. Several times I had to re-dab the wrinkle to push the product back in, eventually giving up and wiping it away as it was not helping! So sadly I have to report that even after several further uses, this product did not fill my fine lines and keep them filled.

However, I am not disappointed and I do have something good to say about the product that would lead me to consider buying it again. I have found it to be an excellent primer for dry skin. It is instantly hydrating and yet mattifies the skin ready for your chosen make up (powder, cream or liquid). I used it on my friend when she came over for her bridal make up trial and we both liked the effect. However I do need to get a separate wrinkle filler now.

If you have any suggestions for brands I could investigate, please leave a comment below.


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