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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Big Hair! Organic Colour Systems - Spray Gel Review

So how does someone suffering from thinning hair get BIG HAIR? It's not impossible and I couldn't wait to share my find of a product that really helps.

A friend on Twitter heard my plea for product suggestions as I was trying to find products that would work with my fine and thin hair that didn't weigh it down or make it look like plastic frizz.
I shall be eternally grateful to Sally Learmouth from Gloss Communications for bringing this product to my attention. I went online just before Christmas and bought it from Karine Jackson (online store) for £8.95 for 250ml. I was very lucky to receive it before Christmas with all of the postal delays and problems!

It's a really easy product to use, I have a few tips for those with fine hair like mine that will make it work really well.

Wait until your hair in 80% dry before spraying lightly in to the roots and long the length of the hair. Leave to dry naturally and do not comb through whilst it is wet or your hair will stick together and take on that gelled look!

Use a straightener, waver, curlers or barrel tong on the roots to give them lift. The gel spray really comes in to its own then, holding the curl and giving thickness to your hair which lasts about 2 days. Spray lightly once your hair is dry to hold the curl and prevent frizz. It really is that easy!

I love the product, it smells fruity and a little goes a long way. I am tempted to stock up in case there is a worldwide shortage!

Next time I am in London and have time, I think I would like to book a hair appointment at Karine Jackson for a cut and style. That is a bold thing for me to say considering I have a pathological hatred of having hair cuts. Some people dread the dentist, I dread the hair dresser in the same way!

When it comes to fine hair, it's very hard to find a stylist who knows what they are doing and doesn't make you feel like a freak of nature for being a woman with thin hair.

So I'll report back if I decide to pluck up the courage to go to a swanky salon and face my hair demons.


  1. Thats so, SO true what you said about hair stylistes! I dont want to have my hair cut because of that and my mum has to do it:P Luckily she has got very good at it over the years...:) Thanks for this product recommendation.

  2. cute post!!!
    love your style!!=D

  3. Very useful post. Is it okay to leave hair products on overnight?

  4. great post Jasmine - I didn't know about that spray and while my scalp is v sensitive my hair needs a lot of management and looks like a dog's dinner if I'm not careful. I've been following your blog almost since I started blogging a year ago and I love it. Would you ever consider guesting a post on leg care ..?


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