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Monday, 28 February 2011

e.l.f Everyday 32 Eye Shadow Palettes

These handy sized palettes were incredibly popular before Christmas 2010. So why not bring out two new versions for Spring? In the first photograph I've compared the Christmas palette with the Everyday Basics palette. The top two rows (16 shadows) are identical but the bottom 16 shadows are subtly different.

The everyday palette is definitely more subdued and softer, so it is great for natural looks and more so if you wish to branch out from brown! There is only one lonely matte shade in the palette and it is the top right hand corner (a soft taupe brown, a bit like Studio Pebble). The other shadows are split between glittery and satin shades. I would like to have seen a few more matte light shadows in this palette as I use them to set my primer, now I have to carry a separate one as this palette doesn't contain it. I also use darker matte shadows with an angled eyeliner brush to fill in eyebrows and as a liner. You see, they really should have consulted me first!

However, everyone regardless of age, colour and eye shape can wear these satin shades however a good matte base is necessary to prevent them slipping. In the absence of a matte light shadow, I use a translucent or my face powder instead.

Since getting this palette I've used it quite often and think it will come travelling with me next month as it is so versatile. Even more versatile dare I say it than my Urban Decay Naked Palette and my Coastal Scents Natural Palette because there are many more shades to play with. I am not sure how many more palettes I can cope with, I feel like a very neglectful make up hoarder. I need to get depotting or my other favourite single products will start to sulk! However, they are such great value and perfect for travelling that I can't help myself but use them. I recently attended a friends hen weekend and had 9 (including myself) gorgeous ladies to prepare, I did this using one Coastal Scents palette (the smoky eye) but would have loved this for day looks.

The second photograph is the Everyday Brights palette which contains some gorgeous shades which would be spectacular for a spring look or a party look. Again these are non matte shadows, predominantly satin finishes with a few glittery ones.

As you'd expect, swatches are paler and fainter for the lighter colours, but the darker colours come out true to the picture. If you like your eye shadows to be bold and bright, make sure to use a lighter eye lid base, perhaps use a lighter shade of foundation or concealer on the eyelids first. A pale base such as the white cream eye shadow, shadow and liner stick or studio eyelid primer also work well. To keep colours extra vibrant I use them with a slightly damp brush, which also reduces pesky fall out.

The palettes are £9 each from e.l.f cosmetics UK. Get them while you can as they are limited edition!

As you know, or maybe you didn't, I work for the company which operates e.l.f UK, this review is not only a heads up about their arrival but my honest opinion of the product. I am not paid to review these products as part of my role.


  1. The Christmas palette is saving my life right now. We are getting ready to sell our house and ALL my makeup has had to go and live in the garage apart from this one thing. I chose to keep this out because there is so much choice that I won't get bored whilst I can't use my other things.

    I like the look of the brights as well, ever since I learned that I actually could wear blue, I'm cravng those types of shades. Gorgeous.

  2. This looks really quite pretty. I love all sorts of palettes, and have just finished my second round of *optimzing* my 28 neutral (equals butchering some shades I didn't like and pressing new ones in the pans ^^)

    Btw, I have just made an eyemakeup remover using your great recipe. Thanks a lot for that & the mu removal tips!


  3. hey hi..... wen will ur'll make elf international bcoz i'm fed up of buyin it on ebay....

  4. Poor SUGAR! The US e.l.f is responsible for all distributors around the world, you can send them an email via the website and they will let you know!

  5. Hi Helen! Good news about moving! I am going to be in a similar position soon (fingers crossed) so thank heavens for good palettes!

  6. @2espresso glad you like the remover recipe!!

  7. Hi,
    I was watching some videos on eyebrow threading on youtube and came across yours and then just saw on my fb a post where you have reviewed a palette,which led me to your stuff!

  8. Hi - Thanks for the introduction to e.l.f! I'm always in need of make up tuturials so I'll be following from now on. I'd love to wear eye shadow but get scared its too much for me.

    I have a blog writing about vintage and fashion - please come by and say hi...



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