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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Liz Earle Body Brush Review

I have a small stubborn patch of cellulite. I think being a runner and cyclist actually makes cellulite look worse because of the hard muscle underneath gives the adipose tissue nothing to blend in to and hide! So my legs may not wobble but they have bumpy bits just like the rest of womanhood.

I started body brushing in mid January 2011 and maybe did it three times a week. At first it was scratchy and uncomfortable. The official advice is to start brushing very lightly to get used to it. I don't expect that it gets any more comfortable but you begin to understand your skin's tolerance and limits.

So as the name depicts, a stiff brush is held either in your palm of on the end of the detachable handle. Take the brush and start at your feet, brushing upwards from the toes to tops of the legs. Do both feet and legs in this way. Then start on your bottom and waist, always brushing towards the heart. This helps move stubborn fluid in to the lymph glands to drain away. Then from the arms and down the body to the heard.

My skin goes a little pink, and after a while I find the tingling sensation enlivening. I find it warms me up so I need to turn down the shower temperature.

After your body brushing and shower, complete by using a light but silky body cream (Liz Earle Energising Body Cream is rather good too). However you don't have to body brush before a shower, sometimes I do it before I go to bed.

A very important note:

It's important that if you are undertaking an intensive body brushing regime that you cut down your fat intake to a manageable level (70g of fat is normal). Body brushing can release more fats in to the blood stream. You may need to decrease your fat intake and increase your exercise level to prevent it from being laid down in fatty deposits. If you're concerned, you should consult your doctor first, always.

I have ended up enjoying body brushing but a couple of weeks I forget to do it. I suppose with any beauty regime that's the danger. I didn't notice a huge difference, I still had the same dry patches of skin and cellulite too (boo) but it did feel more toned as it encourages better blood flow to the skin so it did look better in terms of glow. Personally I would prefer a good massage than body brushing for those effects.

The upshot of the trial is that if you like body brushing it has some benefits to your skin tone and texture, but I wouldn't get your hopes up of curing cellulite or ingrown hairs.

Thanks to Liz Earle for the Body Brush and Energising Body Cream for my trial.

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