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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Lush Dream Cream Review

I was 19 when I purchased my first pot of Dream Cream from Lush in Kingston, I had a friend who was 30 (she seemed very wise to my 19 year old self) and she raved about it so I had to try it. I remember being slightly disappointed as I didn't love the earthy smell of tea tree mixed with lavender. It has grown on me over the years and I have gone through countless tubs since then. I had a little break from it for the last few years and then was given some the other week. Dubious and delighted were my reactions on recognising that nostalgic but odd scent of lavender and tea tree. I was instantly transported back to being 19, and having a precious pot of it.

Dream Cream (£10.25 for 240g tub) is a medium thickness hand and body cream. It feels almost like a gel. You can use it on the face but beware of the tea tree if you are sensitive as it is quite strong. It is, light olive green colour and smells most strongly of lavender and tea tree. The main ingredients and emollients are oat milk (so beware of sensitivity), rosewater and olive oil. Chuck in some essential oils and whip it all together and you have a tasty treat for your skin.

I find this is a great cream for hands more so than the body, as it's not quite rich enough to last the day without layering up, which just then feels too heavy like a body butter. But I do keep a pot of this by the bed and computer during the day. It is light enough to use a finger-full after washing hands and use a keyboard without leaving greasy marks everywhere. It definitely hydrates and soothes dry hands and makes them look youthful by hydrating dry cuticles. I depot a little and keep it in my handbag also.

Dream cream is also light enough to use as a cleanser, just be sure to remove it thoroughly from around the eyes or it will make them puff up overnight as it is very hydrating (double edged sword).

Dream Cream is available from a Lush store or online from


  1. Oh I love the smell of lavender, so I would prob like this!! I need a good hand cream, my hands are constantly dry so will look out for this. Unfort my nearest Lush is about an hour away so don't get to go very often!

  2. I love the idea of this, but the smell is just too earthy for me to enjoy slathering it on me unfortunately! x


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