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Friday, 25 February 2011

Swatchy Goodness, e.l.f Studio Tinted Moisturisers

Seven of the most popular shades, applied directly with no blending. Blending in results in a very light almost undetectable finish.

If you're not an avid foundation wearer but do not wish to face the world with a naked face, you've probably tried a tinted moisturiser. With only one or two colours to choose from, it's not really been a successful product for me.

If you wish to add "something", be it glow, to your bare skin as well as some SPF 20 (good for antiageing as well as protecting), then here's the latest product to reach Europe from e.l.f. the SPF 20 Tinted Moisturiser (£3.50 for 25ml tube).

As it contains pigments it is not going to be as hydrating or oily as a regular moisturiser. To my dry/combination skin it felt light and was easily absorbed. Before use give it a good shake to make sure the formula is mixed properly, it can separate if left too cold or too warm. I was wondering whether I would get the tell tale bloom effect, where pigment is left behind to cling to dry bits. It didn't do this.

Coverage is very light and smooth. Do not expect to hide discolouration and blemishes using this alone, I find I require a light concealer afterwards for spots and marks. This light consistency does make any colour mismatch rather forgiving. I could easily use Beige, Sand or Almond and make it look natural with blending. A little goes a long way as well, one small squeeze is enough for face and neck. The formula is matte, it doesn't contain any shimmer, so why not mix in your favourite liquid highlighter for an added glow? I am using NARS Orgasm liquid illuminator which works quite well with my skin tone, but you could use an e.l.f shimmering facial whip in your favourite colour too.

Those of the ultra pale variety will probably find the porcelain shade too yellow, similarly for deeper skin tones espresso will be too light as I would say it is about an NW50, perhaps a bit lighter.

You may need to reapply around the mouth and nose during the day because the cover is so light, it is easily wiped away but I wouldn't say that it transfers like full coverage foundations.

I prefer this tinted moisturiser to some foundations, it does not settle in fine lines or pores and blends very well to a soft, natural finish.

Please feel free to ask a question about these tinted moisturisers, I shall do my best to reply.

I am also testing out the flawless finish foundation and cream eyeshadow (so far so good). They haven't arrived yet in the UK but are due soon. The perks of the job no less.

**In response to a question, I thought I'd answer it here. The consistency is not comparable to the SPF15 Shielding hydrotints. They are quite different, the SP20 Studio moisturisers are drier with more pigment. Which is great for oilier skins as it does not load the skin with extra oil.

In terms of colour.
Hydrotint Ivory is lighter than Studio Porcelain
Hydrotint Rosy Beige is less yellow than Studio Porcelain and a good alternative for neutral/pink based complexions.
Hydrotint Apricot Beige is closest to Studio Nude
Hydrotint Light Beige is closest to Studio Beige
Hydrotint Honey is closest to Studio Sand
Hydrotint Spice is between Sand and Almond
Hydrotint Toffee is darker than both Studio Espresso and Mocha


  1. When will the Flawless Finish Foundations be available on the Elf UK website? I am really looking forward to those as I think I need more coverage than the tinted moisturizer.

    Thanks for the swatches.

    Charlene xxxx
    A Cosmetic Affair

  2. These look great. I've never really tried a tinted moisturiser. But it may be a good idea :)

  3. Hi Charlene, I don't have a date for the foundations as they can't seem to manufacture enough to satisfy demand, we want them NOW NOW NOW!

  4. oo thanks Jasmine I'm still not 100% sure of colour but even if I bought 3 it still wouldn't work out that expensive x

  5. Thank you for the swatches and review :) Which one do you think is the closest to Rosy Beige from your regular line please?

  6. Hi Lara, I'll add a note to the post about comparisons to the Hydrotints.

  7. Hi Louise, if in doubt, go for Nude or Beige unless you are super pale! :)

  8. hi, the tinted moisturiser from the regular line in ivory is a bit dark for me, (i'm white-pale) but i can make it blend in and it looks fine.
    so you said the ivory is lighter than the porcelain, so would the porcelain be too dark? thankss :)

  9. Hi Redlips* The porcelain would look too yellow for ultra pale skin, especially if ivory is too dark for you :)

  10. thanks my love it will definitely be between those two when I finish project 10 pan x

  11. Oooh I am looking for a tinted moisturiser... but am worried that the extra moisture might make my skin break out. Is there such a thing as an oil-free/non comedogenic tinted moisturiser?

  12. Thank you for the comparison aganst the hydrotints :)

  13. Thanks for these - I ordered it today - can't wait to try it out!


  14. Hi Nicsnotebook, I'd say that these are gentle and not too oily. Even I found the hydrotints a bit too moisturising. These are very light and dry to a satin finish which is the trend at the moment (just as I was beginning to love the glow!). I have very sensitive skin but haven't found this to break me out because of blocked pores. All I can suggest is to give it a try.

  15. Oh very interesting and thorough review! Exciting xxxx

  16. trying the beige one today with some mineral booster over the top and so far my oily t-zone hasn't got oily yet :-)

  17. Which colour would you recommend for a NC42 skin tone?


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