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Friday, 4 February 2011

Raw Skin Food Review

100% allergen free, vegan and gluten free skin care products. The website is fairly easy to use once you have a good look at all the functions, but could be better as it is a little "busy" looking with popups and flash animation on the front page that are prone to glitching in browsers (geek alert!). You can also find a list of stockists on the website.

If you'd like to see some models using the range then watch the YouTube channel here.

After describing my skin as combination/sensitive and prone to flare ups of rosacea. I was advised to try and sent 3 products for my review.

Mab Fabulous Gentle Facial Cleansing Milk, £7.20 for 100ml.
Ingredients: Rose Water, Rice Bran Oil, Coconut butter, Cherry Kernel Oil, Ylang ylang essential oil.

A lightweight white milky liquid with a slight cherry scent which is very pleasant. The cleanser really does have the consistency of milk, so be careful when pouring it! However the consistency works for removing eye make up using cotton wool pads. I warm the product a little by pouring about a 10-pence- sized amount in to my palm. Then I massage over the face and neck. I remove using a damp face cloth or cotton wool pads.

My ultimate test of a cleanser is to take a toner soaked cotton wool pad and sweep over the face and eyes to check if any make up has been left behind. No residue was found apart from a waterline eye liner and mascara. I now concentrate a little more massage around the eyes and pay attention when removing with a damp cloth.

Mab Fabulous Soothing Face & Body Tonique, £8 for 100ml spray bottle.
Ingredients: Organic Rose Water, Rice bran oil, Coconut butter, Cherry kernel oil, Ylang ylang essential oil.

This is a oil and water mixture in a spray bottle, it smells mainly of the Ylang ylang essential oil. It's almost a musky fragrance, not unpleasant (reminds me of dream cream by Lush) and quite uplifting.

I was delighted to try about this product, a moisturising toner which can be used all over the face and body for a quick moisture fix. However at lower temperatures (anything below 15 degrees C) it turns the cocoa butter solid. My solution is to pop it in the sink in some warm water prior to use. I put it in as I am putting on my cleanser and getting my face cloth ready and in a few minutes it is ready to use. Shake to mix the contents and spray a fine mist over your face after cleansing or spray on to a cotton wool pad and sweep over the face. I would like to try this as a moisture fix for when I use mineral foundations to see if it can eliminate the cling-on factor. I'll also be keeping tabs on it to see how it fares in summer (fingers crossed for some heat) as I would love to keep it with me in my bag as a refresher spray and for use on holiday. There is no SPF in this product for info.

Imperial Whipped Complex Face and Body Balm, £8.80 for a 50ml tub.
Ingredients: Mango butter, Coconut butter, Lemongrass essential oil.

An opaque mixture of butters and oils which at room temperature is solid. As the name suggests, it has been whipped in to a light and creamy texture and smells strongly of lemongrass (a cross between ginger and lemon sort of scent). Again it is an uplifting scent that makes me inhale deeply.

I apply a balm mainly at night or if I am going out in to windy or low temperatures. I rub a small amount on to my finger tips and tap on to the face and neck. Then gently sweep across the face and down the neck to encourage lymphatic drainage. After the oily feeling subsides I am left with soft and plump feeling skin.

I wouldn't use this balm on the rest of my body, although you can on rough parts like elbows, knees and feet, simply because it is a small pot that I would soon exhaust.

A few days after receiving the Imperial Whipped balm it began to separate into oil and wax. I took a spatula and whipped it up again, but it does separate again.

Why should you buy it?
Reasonable prices, helpful staff, Vegan, cruelty free, hand crafted, no perfumes or synthetic ingredients which are organic and fair trade. So many good reasons!

Why it might not be for you.
I found it hard to find a reason why this might not be for you other than the separation and solidification issues with waxes and temperature. I guess it depends on where you stand with budget and if you like perfumes and expensive packaging?

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  1. Oooh it all sounds lovely! The cherry scent of the cleanser sounds yummy!


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