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Monday, 31 January 2011

AD Skin Synergy Essential Cleansing Balm Review

AD Skin Synergy aim to provide skincase using the finest natural and organic ingredients. The thing I like about facial balms are that they are suitable for every skin type and condition. The skin takes what it needs whether it is oilier or drier.

The products are free from petrochemicals, artificial perfumes, parabens and colourants. The range is also cruelty free.

I was provided with a tub of the Essential Cleansing Balm and muslin cloth for my review. The two are used together for best results.

The list of ingredients is very long but the balm is basically a mixture of essential oils, beeswax and plant oils such as rose flower, jasmine (yay!), lavender, coconut, jojoba and chamomile to name a few. The balm is a very pale yellow colour and melts on the fingers in to a fragrant cleansing oil.

The best way to use it is to take a small amount and massage it gently over the face and neck. I let it sit for a few moments as it needs a little time to thoroughly dissolve oils and waxes from your make up and any dirt.
Wet the muslin cloth with warm water and work down and outwards from the forehead, over the eyes gently, paying attention round the nose and down the neck. If you need to repeat do so with a rinsed cloth.

My skin was left feeling cleansed (I checked with a toner soaked cotton wool pad for any residue of make up of which there was none), soft, not greasy but not dry either. This has been a real hit as it takes everything off in one go without having to use too much. I can also use it to massage and tone my face.

My initial fear was that as the tub is small it wasn't going to last very long. I have since learned to use it more sparingly as a little goes a long way.

At £26 for 45ml tub from AD Skin Synergy website (UK postage is free). It is more expensive than other cleansing balms I have tried but I feel that it is highly effective, it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and it is full of great quality ingredients. It is suitable for all types and ages of skin too.

The other non-skin related reason I warmed to this brand straightaway and feel that it's not actually too expensive is that AD Skin Synergy has taken on board several ethical considerations to its business. I didn't expect this when I opened the sleek silver packaging, which resembles Lancome to some extent.

The roses used in the essential oil are organic and ethically traded, but they are also grown in a community enterprise made up of more than 500 separate farms. These people work together and are rewarded at a fair rate for their long hours and intensive manual labour.

All of the orders packed in the warehouse are done so in partnership with a social enterprise, giving training, motivation, and jobs to those with disabilities. All of the profits from this social enterprise are reinvested to provide further training and jobs. This is excellent, I am so delighted with this. I firmly believe that it is possible to make money and run a sustainable, smart and ethical business.

In my opinion, a good balm is a must have essential skin care product, even better from a socially and environmentally sustainable business like AD Skin Synergy.

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