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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Second chance Sunday - UNE Soft Minerals Powder Foundation

Over the years I've been given second chances by lots of people and in turn it's only fair to give some in return.

I have an apology to make to a certain product. Every time I looked at it, I shook my head disappointedly. Well not today amigo! Today is Second Chance Sunday, and I have chosen the pressed mineral foundation by UNE.

When I first tried it over the summer I simply hated it. It made my skin look like it was peeling as it clung to dry bits and dried out my skin to give me wrinkly baggy bits that I like to believe weren't there to begin with (but cannot be too sure).

So as a summer product it is not for me, however in winter it fares much better. Perhaps my skin is oilier or it interacts better with my winter skin care regime? Who knows?

But there was something very good about the colour range, it suited me perfectly. It made my skin look radiant and clear. I had to do a double take past a mirror as it was such a surprise.

UNE as a brand has been a real slow grower for me. The whole range is nearly entirely organic and I love that it is accessibly priced. It is not cheap but it isn't overly expensive either. The range is easy to buy as you can pick your shades and you will find corresponding shades across the rest of the range (say I am M08 in Foundation, I will find a corresponding concealer and powder) So it's not difficult to pick up an entire natural make up capsule from this range.

It just looks so boring! I understand it is minimal and recyclable but in an aisle of Boots it just does not shine amongst the gaudy packaging of other brands which entice and enthuse. The colours all look the same, so the subtle differences and complementary nature don't shine through in the 2 second glance it is given. Unless you know it's good, I guarantee you won't give it a second glance. I fear for the brand; it will not last long on the high turnover premium space in Boots. So get to know it whilst it's there!

One hugely important piece of advice with this brand is to use primers on the eyes and face! The products do not last or stay put without them. But if you are looking for a range of natural, beautiful tones which will suit your skin tone (i.e are not to pink or yellow) then this might be for you.

So UNE, I've given you a second chance and I'm so glad I did.

Do you have any products which deserve a second chance?

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