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Friday, 28 January 2011

Have you heard the "Good News" - The Food Bible.

In defence of diets, some people really benefit from a regime, you might say that it makes life easy. Sadly I am not one of those people. I have an insatiable need to understand the rationale of a diet and most of them just fall flat for me. I also enjoy food and cooking, so I don't want low fat prepared meals or God forbid reconstituted shakes or soups. I would just rather die.

If you too are like me then I can whole-heartedly recommend this book, The Food Bible by Judith Wills. You can find it on Amazon in several editions. I bought this book after borrowing it from the library to find out more about nutrition. This was five years ago. It was such a great book I didn't want to give it back and decided to buy my first and only* "diet" book! *I did once try the Food Doctor and was very ill with migraines and sickness. I also found the recipes were disgustingly unappetising and unsatisfying. I am not that extreme and feeling like that is not worth it for some weight loss.

I can only say that when I am following Judith's sage advice, I have had better sleep, periods, weight control, skin and blood pressure. The first time I tried the plan in the book, I dropped 2 dress sizes without effort. There was no need to shred or go mad in the gym. You can comfortably lose 2lbs of real weight a week following the simple guidance in this book.

This book is about breaking and making new habits for life, it is a daily reference manual for me about what to eat at stages in my life and how to tackle health issues with nutrition and medication. If you want to find out how to kick sugar, fats and salt, and enjoy healthy appetising and satisfying food this is THE book for you too.

I enjoy cooking all of the recipes in the book, however dubious they sound, they turn out beautifully, they taste amazing and even Mr OJ is happy. I do still eat chocolate and bake cakes, but I don't rely on them for comfort.

After about two months of dedication, steady weight loss and happiness I tend to stray and then come back to this book consistently. It is always on the recipe book stand in the kitchen, open to the 1500 calories a day, 7 day eating plan or a recipe I want to make later on.

So for all those weight watchers, slim fasters and shredders out there, are you setting yourself up to fail with short termism? You really need to change the link between emotions and food as well as your lifestyle and not just for a few months but forever. Only then will you truly break free of it's grip.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I've been looking for a book like that, since I decided this year that instead of making resolutions to lose a certain amount of weight I want to focus more on healthier eating in general. Your "New Year's Resolutions, no thanks!" post helped a lot, too.


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