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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Contouring and Highlighting Basics.

I am often asked about highlighting and contouring. This video covers the very basics using liquids to sculpt and refine features. I have a round and flat face so I love contouring and highlighting to bring out features such as my eyes and cheeks, also to change the shape of my face to more of an appealing oval.

I use waterproof camouflage liquids (Varama) as they last a lot longer than powders and have a more natural/believable finish. This technique is great for photography and video - indoors, outdoors, colour or Black/White.

Whatever you decide to use, for a natural finish use matte products and add any shimmer sparingly afterwards. Pick and choose the aspects of your face you feel need this technique, not everyone needs more cheekbones, a smaller forehead or nose sculpting. You might be emphasising or de-emphasising features that don't need it or will unbalance the final look.

You may also find that you wish to tone down the effect by using shades which are nearer your skin tone, until you get used to blending down. A perfect use for foundations and concealers which you have bought and are too light or too dark.

I apologise in advance if this video seems rushed, there's so much to say and do in a short video!

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