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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

No one escapes the make over chair!

It's true, no one escapes the make over chair, mwuaahahahahaha!

Kemba is no exception. Our husbands are good friends but we had never met before, but I feel now that we have bonded over make up. She probably still thinks I am quite mad though.
Kemba tells me that before she moved to the UK and got married she was a fervent wearer of make up. Now when she goes for a visit she feels completely under dressed make up wise as her friends still love to wear bright and striking make up.
Barefaced apart from a light buff of mineral foundation by Obsessed Minerals.

To remedy this, Kemba and I decided to create a carnival inspired look using gold, a hint of orange and charcoal with a light dusting of irridescent sparkle for that Rio de Janeiro show girl look!

The show stopping look.

Products used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Sugar Pill Chromalust loose eye shadow in Gold
Coastal Scents Smokey Palette (36 shades)
Bourjois Ultra Care Mascara
NYX Eye liner in Black
e.l.f Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance
Obsessed Minerals Lip gloss in Hot Child

Next up was a more wearable smoky eye look with a hint of colour.

I didn't like the lipstick although it's a wonderful everyday colour for Kemba, it doesn't go with a smoky eye! I did put on a bright fuchsia but Kemba was scared witless by it!
Personally I think it was awesome.

So we switched back to the Hot Child lipgloss by Obsessed Minerals.

Products used in this look:
NYX jumbo pencil in black bean
Coastal Scents Smokey eye palette of 36 colours.
Bourjois Ultra Care Volume mascara
Sleek Blusher
Lumiere Cosmetics Loose Corrector setting powder in Sunflower.


  1. I like the last look the best. And I think the laid-back lip colour is right for those eyes. Preeeetty.

  2. Stunning looks! You've made her glow and enhanced all her lovely features. I love the first look because there's so much drama, her eyes look enormous and the colours are ones I wouldn't have thought to put together. Which is why, talented lady, you are the pro! x

  3. Another fantastic makeover. You're not in the least bit mad! I loved my makeover experience, it's actually very relaxing letting someone else fiddle with your face :)
    Jane x


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