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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Look of the day

Today's look is a warm nude look with slightly more dramatic eye liner.

Since I am on steroid cream and antihistamines for a skin reaction I had to a product I had been sent a while ago. I used it once and got a reaction that I thought was caused by something else. Then I used it a few weeks ago for three days in a row and my skin flared up again. Mystery solved so I have binned it, never to be used again. I don't know what is in it that I am allergic to but I am not risking using anything from the range again. So that's why I haven't been able to do any videos or make up looks on YouTube or my blog.

I am using the purest minerals in my collection on my face and eyes. Mineral foundation is the best coverage you can get without having to go for a thick, oily formulation. I find liquid and cream foundations can suffocate my skin whilst it is trying to heal especially when using steroid creams. Sadly as fantastic as mineral make up is it can do little to disguise the little allergy spots and where I have been scratching whilst asleep to leave red marks and even draw blood :(

The worst of the reaction is now over and it is beginning to subside. In the mean time I am just trying to protect and help my skin heal. If I have to wear make up then I make it mineral as it is virtually inert and oil free.

*Bare Faced Beauty Mineral Foundation in "Sincere" - everyone compliments me when they see me in this foundation. Commonly used phrases are "your skin looks amazing" and "You look so healthy"!!!

Pure Minerals Mineral Eye Shadows in Full Moon (a shimmering beige with silver glitter), Mocha (beautiful dark taupe brown) and Earth (a rich coffee black) which I used wet as an eye liner.

Mineral Lipgloss in Cheesecake but I don't think Barefaced sell this range any more :(

I am also wearing e.l.f Mineral Mascara* which is the blackest mascara I own and Beauty without Cruelty Lip Liner* in Pinky Brown as it really makes my teeth look white!

Barefaced Beauty's Website is here.

Products marked with * were sent to me free for review, I am affiliated with e.l.f Cosmetics UK.


  1. you look lovely hun! hope you get around the reaction soon

  2. Happy your skin feels better... You must have worried about it! I love the make up, natural and very nice for Spring :-)

  3. love the eyeshadow!
    can you get a nice full coverage with mineral foundations? also,i am being thick or are all mineral foundations powder based? the only reason i havent tried them yet is that i think the coverage wont be enough.

    smaira xx

  4. lovely!

    Dont forget to enter my giant GIVEAWAY:

  5. You look gorgeous in this pic Jasmine xx

  6. I love the makeup, very natural and pretty. I hope your skin gets better soon.

  7. Glad youre doing better. Thanks for this mineral look - I try to give my skin a break every few days.

  8. so sorry about your allergic reaction! hope is everything good now!
    you looks great!


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