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Friday, 16 April 2010

Les Tai Tai Model Mirror

Is this the cutest handbag accessory you've seen in a while!? I was sent a Model Mirror to test, I didn't have to think very hard about it as it looks so cute!

This one is Tahiti, Tahiti but there is an ever expanding range of designs, all designed by different artists in the UK.

The 8 embedded LEDs mimic soft natural lighting. I asked Les Tai Tai about that choice and they said that they used to use blue LEDs that mimic full spectrum day light but changed them for this softer light. Unfortunately, it is a little too yellow for my skin tone and makes me look orange. Bearing this in mind, this mirror isn't meant for full face make up, just checking and touch ups on the fly though. In daylight you probably wouldn't need the lights anyway.

The 2x magnification is very handy as it is large enough to see your whole face from the palm of your hand but magnified enough to spot a fake lash lifting or eye liner smudge!

The Model Mirror costs £22 from Selfridges and Fortnum and Mason but they also offer free delivery on their website. Dimensions 11cm length, 8cm width, 1.5cm depth at the hinge. It's about the same size and weight as an iphone or blackberry and fits neatly in the palm.

Do you really need this mirror? Of course not! But it's very attractive and doesn't take very much room in my bag. I do think that it doesn't feel like it should cost £22 as it does feel very "plasticky". I asked Les Tai Tai about this and they said that the acrylic that they use enables them to keep the mirror lightweight. It also allows them to print all the fun designs as other materials aren't as easy to work with. So fair enough. I still maintain it feels too light, but that's my personal feeling. I think the pricing structure matches the aspirational feel of this product. It's obviously not a must have bargain, but as with many designer items, it looks and feels good to own.

The lovely people at Les Tai Tai have also said that I can run a prize giveaway on my YouTube channel, so for your chance to win a mirror design of your choice from the website - check out the video and follow the instructions!

Excuse the unfortunate face YouTube has chosen to showcase this video!

Les Tai Tai's Model Mirror website is here.


  1. What a cute mirror! Good review Jasmine.
    I've needed a good light up mirror for a while.
    Will watch the vid when I'm not atb work xx

  2. I seem to have spotted these all over YT and blogs recently and always though £22 was a bit much, and youve kinda confirmed it for me.. Some people might love it enough to pay that, but I think I'll skip this one :)

    Thanks for your honesty :)

  3. Aloha, I have nominated your for an I Love Your Blog award, because, well, I love your blog, hahaha! Have a looksee at


  4. That's such a cute mirror! Thanks for the review.

  5. Hey! Recently stumbled unto your blog. I'm really happy I found it, I cant seem to find many uk beauty blogs! I'm fairly new to the makeup game and i'm constantly self-conscious about smudging, streaking over-greying etc. Hopefully I'll pick up some tips, tricks and sale events from this blog :o)
    I would love to enter ur giveaway! Tahiti tahiti is such a pretty design.
    thanks much in advance!

  6. Love the idea of that mirror and the pattern is pretty. Thanks for the review!


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