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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Graceful make up photo tutorial.

This is the lovely Grace. Grace wanted to experiment with her make up and try some of the latest Spring trends. So she booked a session with me.

We looked for inspiration to base Grace's look upon. She liked the fresh pastel pink cheeked look (with less of a smoky eye as it is for work!) sported by the gorgeous Scarlett.

84076444.jpg (300×469)

I started with a bare but moisturised face. Grace has a fair complexion that is easily burned so we used an SPF 30 to prepare the face. No primers were used as this moisturises and primes the face for make up.

Bare naked face!

Next I tested various brands and colours of liquid make up - denoted by the stripes of liquid foundation down the cheek and neck.

I blended well with a damp sponge and left for a few seconds. None were an exact match so I custom blended the first with a little of the third to get a perfect match. You can hardly see it blended in to the neck and face.

Here I've applied foundation to the entire face, eyelids and lips. A brightening concealer was applied around the nose, under the eyes and to any uneven areas needing fuller coverage. It looks ghostly pale but I re-introduce shimmer and warmth with a bronzer later.

I've also applied fluffy cheek stain to the cheekbones and blended up in to the hair line. The make up was set using translucent powder pressed over the face, then I brushed away any excess with a powder brush. This avoids the face looking caked which can be ageing.

On to the eyes, a golden peach cream eye shadow was applied as a base to the eye lids to add warmth and to balance out the cheek stain.

Next I applied a darker matte chocolate brown to the crease and outer corners of the eyes. Then blended upwards to really open up the Grace's deep set and partially hooded eyes. A brow gel was then applied and the eyebrows groomed in to a natural shape.

To balance out Grace's slightly wide set eyes, a dark metallic brown eye liner pencil was applied to upper and lower lashes. It is best to concentrate on the upper lash line inner corner and lower lash line outer corner.

Finally a deep coral lipstick was applied with a gold lip gloss in the centre of the lips over the top.

A bit of subtle highlighter was applied to the high points of the face (cheekbone, eyebrow arch, nose, cheeks and forehead)

Before and After!

Grace also received a gift of two of the main products in this look!

Did you like Grace's make over? If you'd like a make up lesson from me (charges apply), why not get in touch?


  1. Wow..

    That was such a stunning yet graceful transformation. I wish I were in UK..Would have loved to fix an appointment with you :-)

  2. Man I wish I were in the UK. I'm Indian and would love to get makeup lessons from you!

  3. Wow, she looks gorgeous! You did a fantastic job!

  4. lovely work jasmine!she looks so pretty and fresh :)

  5. i like what you did to her. The makeup is soft and pretty :)

  6. definitely graceful ^_^ just followed

  7. Wow... You did a nice job, Jasmin! Grace looks prettier with that make up, it's natural but dashing (I hope it's the good word, I find it in Reverso...) I wish I were in UK

  8. Great job! I love the flushed cheeks, very natural make up look. Fabulous!


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