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Monday, 26 April 2010

Concrete Mineral Eye Shadows

A few months ago I was sent a few samples of Concrete Mineral Eye Shadows. At $5.99 (+postage from the US) each they represent good value in terms of the 1.5g of product in each jar. Prices start to go down the more you order (e.g. $40 for 10 jars).

I don't know about you but I lament the fact that the UK doesn't have any indie make up companies. I absolutely love to browse Etsy for interesting make up. I presume that it is all original and hand made but can't be 100% sure these days with many people buying pigments to mix themselves, as opposed to crushing and making themselves. It doesn't matter, I just like to know that they are safe and fun to use.

I am inspired by people like Concrete Minerals because it sounds so exciting and creative to make your own make up. If you've thought about or are a new make up company, please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

The eye shadows I was sent* were Swamped (an emerald green with silver), Temptress (sky blue/teal with gold) and Séance (deep violet with cherry). I chose them as I am a bit of a lemming for jewel tones and deep colours. The eye shadows are soft and finely milled, blend nicely with water and creams. They stain a little so you'll need an oil based cleanser to remove, better still a cream base on the eyelid. I also mixed all three in clear nail varnish for an astonishing, if a little weird, colour!

Would I buy these again? Definitely from a UK/European website, I am not so inclined to from the US as I am in the UK. I am just not that comfortable waiting for make up from the US. I am sure a lot of you agree that sometimes mail gets lost, arrives broken due from transit and returning it is more costly for the company and more hassle than it's worth! If you're in the US then definitely check out these minerals, you're very lucky and I am envious!

Concrete Minerals website is here. * I was sent these three eye shadows free for my review, I am not affiliated with Concrete Minerals.


  1. I agree with you. I ordered a bag in US and had to wait 3 weeks to get it.
    The teal blue is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. These colours really do look like some beautiful colours I would imagine to be shimmering under the sea or something. Very pretty esp. Swamped!

  3. The coral colors are really very excellent.The mineral makeup really speaks of quality and the looks are rich.
    organic lipstick


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