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Monday, 12 April 2010

Crystal Nail Files - the jury is still out.

A few weeks ago I started using this Ruby and Millie Crystal nail, that I bought for I think it was £16 or thereabouts??? It was the only one I could find without going on line and taking my chances. I am a bit fussy as I wanted a Crystal not glass file as these are better for your nails.

I am trying to get to the root of my flaking nail problem. I read somewhere that a crystal nail file seals the nail as it files, rather than others which can split the nail layers allowing water to penetrate and lift it away.

I am prepared to try realistic solutions and not expensive potions and lotions as I feel the problem is not with the nails themselves but internally in how I treat my nails too.

Here are the changes I have made in the last few months:

I don't use acetone based nail polish remover.

The best hand cream I have found is Skin MD, but my husband has stolen it! I keep handcreams by sinks and in my handbag so I can use it after washing my hands. Every night I use a good helping of either Lush Lemony Flutter or Rosehip Oil.

Keeping a good hard top coat on the nails seems to help as well and I put extra around the nail tip and under the nail tip to protect them further.

Keeping the nails short and well filed.

I am taking my vitamins and oils as well so I hope that I am doing everything I can to get them and the rest of me back in to shape.

So far I've seen a little improvement so I am encouraged that over a time I can get my nails back to how they were.

In any event it is an excellent nail file, quick and easy to use and will last forever. Providing I don't lose it, like I seem to do with most things after a while! I am fascinated at the fine powder that builds up as I file, a bit yucky but I can't help it!

Do you have any excellent nail tips - a bottle of nail polish for the best one!


  1. I really rate Liz Earles Superbalm for my nails. I rub it on my cuticles and massage it in, and it has worked wonders. My nails have really grown and feel stronger. I stopped using it for a while and I could really tell the difference. xx

  2. I definitely think that the best way to get healthy nails is lots of calcium and vitamins in your diet, but I know it's not exactly easy :(

  3. Great post, I'm really tempted to get one of these nail files! A manicurist once told me the best thing for nails is massaging baby oil into them. It's super-cheap and it moisturises the layers of your nails and makes them less brittle and more flexible so helps prevent breaks and peeling.


  4. I started taking a really good multivitamin and my nails grew long and healthy within a matter of weeks - I defo think its something to treat from the inside - and of course not using them prise lids open etc haha.

    ps can I a question not related to this at all ?! Can you recommend any blogs that are about makeup and colours specifically for asian coloured skin?
    thanks for your time !
    ps I made sunshine yellow cupcakes earlier this week... check them out:

  5. I read that if you want stronger nails then you should buy a bottle of clear nail varnish and then put finely chopped pieces of garlic in it. The garlic will protect and strengthen but the smell is terrible!To counteract this, a few drops of lavender essential oil in the bottle as well should make it a more pleasant experience.

    Good luck, perseverence will pay off!:)

  6. Hi ;) I am a new follower ;)

    Sorry for my bad english :S

    the most important thing if you want your nails look wonderful is that you really do take care of your hands and nails. This means:
    - using hand&nail cream at least 3 times a day (make sure that it really has a lot of good ingredients such as natural oils etc.)
    - use hydrating cream during the day and nourishing one before night (when you dont mind if it leave a little greasy feeling) and for an extra bonus you can put your cream on and then wear thin cotton gloves when sleeping (helps the cream to absorb more)
    - always use gloves when doing your dishes, gardening, cleaning,....
    - do not use your nails like a tool (for opening cans etc.)
    - make sure you have a balance diet and that you eat enough vitamins everyday. If you cannot do that, buy supliments and this way you can get everything your body needs.
    - make sure you do get enough Bcomplex n your body (if you cannot do it just with food, buy tablets)
    - never file you nails in both ways, but just in one direction
    - do not use polish remover that contain aceton and eve when using the one that doesnt contain aceton wash your hands emediately after removing nail polish
    - everytime you change your nail color, make sure that you nourish your hands/nails with a good cream, wait for it to absorb and then apply a new color.
    - every once in a week I would recommend doing a home made hand bath, this is how I do it:
    - 1cup home made olive oil (nourishes,softens, straightens nails)
    -1/2 lemon (prevents discoloration)
    - 2tbs of honey (nourishes)
    -1 tbs milk (softens), you can also use goat milk (it makes your skin even softer)
    - 2tbs raw sugar(exfoliates)

    I mix everything together in a bowl and then I put my hand in it for around 10minutes, I spend another 5minutes rubbing my hand in it (for exfoliation), repeat with other hand and then wash it off. It leaves my hand so soft and really helps my nails to be healthier.

    - It is also very important that you care for cuticules and nails with different oils, I love using coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil etc. I do not buy so called nail oils, since they are pretty expensive and contain only a little product, but instead I take an empty nailpolish bottle (which I clean really well before) and I pure some home made oil mix in it. It is super easy to apply (with nailpolish brush;)) and is also very cheap. For when I am on a go I have a few nail care pens, which are super practicall to use when I am not at home.

    - i also reccomend you to try Lush Lemon flutter hand/cuticle cream, it smells divine and really helps my nails to stay strong!

    I am sorry for being this long, but I just wanted to tell you what really works great for me and remember, the key is in the balanced diet& not forgeting to care for your nails constantly!

    Have a great evening and I hope you find some of my advice helpful!

    Come to check my blog if you like:


  7. Interesting post, thanks for sharing, I really love your blog as well, hope you have a great week and take care!

  8. I love atrixo handcream for a good, old-fashioned remedy. It's been around for years and I think it's great to put on overnight. x

  9. Thank you for your excellent suggestions, I am not sure about the garlic infusion but if desperate I will give it a go and report back.

    Thank you Summerbabe, could you please email me on so I can send you a bottle of nail varnish as a thank you for your excellent response. I think you'll all agree that it was chock full of great tips! I can't wait to try the hand soak and exfoliator!

  10. I purchased a Nails Inc glass file a few months ago.. I'm not sure whether its because Ive not been applying my nail treatments religiously (although my nails didn't seem in this bad condition in the past when Ive slipping with n/treatments!), or whether Im doing something wrong with the file!?
    Im using it properly, filing in the right directions etc.. But I found my nails have grown better when I just used nail clippers and no file at all, the obvious problem with that was not being able to shape them properly, hence me buying the file..

    At the moment my nails are still peeling and I have only a few mm's of growth now, sad times! :( lol

    Who knows! I have to go back to being religious with the Nail Envy in order to make up my mind on it!

  11. Hi,

    thanks so much! I just send you my address ;)

    I am having a giant GIVEAWAY (Chanel Particuliere, OPI, CG, Ciate, TBS,...) and everyone that read your blog are welcome to enter ;)

  12. I find that Dr Hauschka hand cream works very well for nails, I used to use that and will buy it again when my current moisturisers finish. Another thing you could try is olive oil, that worked for my mum.

    Also, the Jessica Nails Nourish cuticle cream works well too, it made my nails flexible and they grew quickly with less breakage.

  13. Thanks again for all the amazing suggestions! Summerbabe, thank you I got your address! A lovely nail varnish is on its way to you!

  14. Thank you Jasmine, will do a post about it when I receive it ;)

    Have a great day!

  15. You know Jaz, UK has a very bad selection of glass files, and I guess you got a crap quality one, I bought myself one when I just moved here from Debenhams and that was terrible, nothing in comparison with my French one.


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