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Friday, 23 April 2010

Look of the Day - Purple Sparkle

Today's look of the day was created using a new palette from e.l.f, the Beauty Encyclopedia. The Sparkle Eye Edition is only £6 (I still can't quite believe it for the quality!) and contains 12 generous shimmery or glittery shadows with two cream eye shadows, a soft half sized brown pencil and small brush.

The lightest shadows remind me of the new Urban Decay Stardust Shadows for the huge amount of glitter they contain. The darker the shadow, the softer it is so be careful as they are highly pigmented too! The lighter the shadow, the more glitter it will contain.

The cream shadows are a bit oilier which makes them crease so not for use on their own but they make great bases. The Beauty Encyclopedia range has been reformulated and relaunched and having both sets I can say that I am impressed with the new formulations. I really would compare the softness and pigmentation to Urban Decay Box Sets that I own.

The one thing I would say about the palette, and this is any palette where creams and powders are next to each other, is that you have to be careful when using the shadows not to spill any in to the cream. I think it's just my OCD playing up again but this makes me anxious when it happens and I am quick to grab a cotton tip to remove it! The protective plastic sleeve keeps the palettes clean rather than having the book close directly on to the shadows but the sticky tape circles looked unsightly after a while so I would recommend removing those.

The one thing I do like most about this palette is that it is cardboard. I don't know if you've found this but cardboard is much better for your powders as if you drop them, they are less likely to shatter. Those who have shared that sad and maddening moment, akin to dropping an icecream, when a compact shatters might be interested to know that!

This look was voted for by the elf fans on their facebook page. So far for every 1000 fans who join the page, e.l.f has been offering free shipping which is not to be missed. At the rate it is increasing that's free shipping nearly once a week.

The Beauty Encyclopedia can be purchased from e.l.f's website. I think one line sold out in 24 hours so I was lucky to get them! But now I am torn, do I take the small make up collection or the eye and lip encyclopedias when I go away?

The video tutorial is below!

For your information, I am affiliated with e.l.f Cosmetics UK and I did receive this sample for my review.


  1. You make purple look so pretty Jasmine :) Lovely look.

  2. wow! looks pretty :)

  3. Very pretty! Purple looks great on you!

  4. I love ELF so much, they're so cheap but so great!
    This look is beautiful on you, your eyes are amazing!

  5. Lovely tutorial...the purple blended into the smokey black and then accentuated with the outside.The change of brushes and the use of colors all explained very well here.

    organic cosmetic brushes


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