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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Layered Blush, there is time in the morning!

Off out for a Sunday lunch I decided to try a bit of dual blush layering! Sounds technical but isn't really.

It's just a great way to get a lovely glow using two different blushes. My favourite combination at the moment is to use a bronze under the cheekbone and a matte vibrant orange shade on the cheekbone and blend the two together. The result is that you get a lovely deep and warm shade on your cheeks. I don't think you can achieve this with just one blusher and I love it!

If you are more cool toned then consider the opposite, a matte brown shade with a pink/silver blusher.

You could also do this with cream blushers (I have the All Over colours Sticks from e.l.f in toasted, golden peach and pink lemonade) for days where my skin is drier and benefits from the oils in a cream blush.

So go on, give it a glow!


  1. Wow! looks so pretty Jasmine! Am gona give it a go :)

  2. Beautiful! I want to try this now!

  3. looks lovely... you would think both would be too much but you've made it lovely and subtle... ill defo try this out x

  4. Looks beautiful! I'll definitely try this!

  5. OMG I do this too!!! I am currently using the mac bronzer topped with the mac blush in style/frost which gives the most gorgeous glow. have not got round to blogging it yet... also you get an amazing glow with a matte pink like macs pink swoon topped with the syle/frost. my blog is very new - please take a peek and tell me what you think - ps i know you like karin herzog - i have recently reviewed their pore draw facial and via kombi 2 moisturiser x


  6. That looks very pretty and natural..

    Like it

  7. Hi Smaira, your blog has me drooling over your lovely cupcakes, they are adorable! I too had the Karin Herzog facial, it was the best treatment ever. I literally floated down the street afterwards!

  8. Very pretty, it gives such a beautiful glow! I like using peachy blushes, but usually can't bother to layer with a bronzer. This might just change :)

  9. AWWW Thanks!!! I have been a bit obsessive about cakes for the last month or so and now its make up - lord knows how I'm going to keep it up when I am back at work. And OMG - 3 days on and my skin still feels amazing after my facial - I am hoping to review the AHA Cream or glyco rose serum soon - see how they work on my spot scars ewwww :) ps love your blog!!!!!!!!!


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