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Friday, 30 April 2010

Help me decide!

This weekend I have a WHOLE day off! Yes for the first time in months I have time and space to make videos, write blogs and play with my make up! These things relax me! I can shut myself away in my study and let the creative stuff flow!

So you have some choices to help me with: I am going to try and make a couple of videos at least and I have a few ideas!

- e.l.f Everyday Eyes Beauty Encyclopedia look
- Pink Sparkle Eyes
- Smoky amber eyes
- Colourful Neutral eyes
- Making your own face spa products and a simple routine
- Colour collection - my eye shadow/liner collection split in to colours and swatched - this will be one video per colour group.
- Beauty Room Tour - I'll have to tidy like mad but it will give me a good incentive if you're all coming round for a nosey.
- Demo of a one to one Skype session with me - for this I will need a volunteer for Blog TV! Any takers for a free but public one to one make up session with me?

Do those sound like fun? It has to be fun! You don't have to vote or anything but I really value your opinion, just let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see! Providing I can do it, I will try!


  1. oooh beauty room tour! Also like the sound of the eye liner collection. Have fun xx

  2. I vote a beauty room tour.. only coz im nosey lol

  3. Wow...Sounds very exciting Jasmine..

    Everything sounds like heaven...waiting waiting..

  4. Making your own face spa products and a simple routine
    I would like this one! :) xxx

  5. Hey Jasmine, I would love to see the "make your own face spa products and a simple routine". Would be lovely, hope you have a fab day off! Xxx

  6. hmm hard to choose - making your own spa products or colorful neutral eyes.

  7. Beauty room tour! I'm so nosey, I love these tour videos :)

  8. I vote for the "make your own face spa products and a simple routine".

  9. if you need a volunteer, look no further :D!!

  10. I vote for the Spa/routine :)
    The one on one Skype sessions sounds good too though, especially for the lucky winner!

  11. ooo the skype thingy! il be ur volunteer

  12. I say YES to a beauty room tour with pink sparkle eyes. ;-)I'd love to be a volunteer but damn, I'm stuck into my routine duties. :-( P.S.: I love the cute hamster!

  13. a beauty room...that sounds very enticing, i definitely vote for that one.


  14. OMG!!!! please do the one to one make up session - I would soooo love to be tutored by you - i always do the same pink/rose or bronze look - would love some new advice - i will be your volunteer xxxxx

  15. Thank you all for your ideas! I've made a few videos (A room tour and the one to one session is booked this week!) I'll know who to come to if I need any more volunteers! xxx


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