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Monday, 24 May 2010

Urban Defence Tinted Moisturiser Review

I always use a high factor sun cream whether it's cloudy or sunny, it is THE secret to keeping your skin looking younger for longer. (Not Pond's cold cream as Kylie would have you believe, she's Australian she should know better). It's taken me a long while to find one that it doesn't irritate my skin and make me look purple

£17 for 30ml pump dispenser

As soon as I heard about Urban Decay's latest offering, I was interested to try the new SPF20 tinted moisturisers. I have been hankering for their liquid foundations as I liked the colour range of the mineral but alas I live far from a UD stand so I always forget on the rare occasion I am near one! I received this sample in the colour Bodyguard, I think there are three colours in the range and they are priced at £17 and due out soon (exact date pending!).

I thought £17 was quite expensive for a tinted moisturiser in a 30ml pump dispenser. That was before I used it on a hot sunny day. One pump of product does the whole face, ears and neck. The texture is dry not greasy so it doesn't melt or sweat off. It does gather if you're wearing sunglasses and sweating in an open topped car in traffic and it's 30 degrees Celsius though but I think that can be forgiven. Packaging is simple and clean, portable and lightweight, perfect for keeping with me during the day. One use in the morning lasted me through to the evening.

The product itself doesn't offer much in the way of coverage of blemishes and redness but it does brighten and even out the skin. I tend to dot a bit of concealer under the eyes and on the cheeks to even out the complexion further. I then dust over a gorgeous bronzer and I am good to go. I found I didn't need to set it with a powder at all.

One pump smeared around a bit.

Completely blended and no purple ashy residue = RESULT!

I wouldn't recommend this for serious sunbathing but as a daily sun protection moisturiser, it's no fuss and easy to use. I sometimes use my sunblock mixed with my mineral foundation but this is much less messy and not as greasy. If you have very oily skin, then this will be ideal, if you have dry skin then it may not offer enough moisture for your skin. Saying that I did put it on my sister and she has very dry skin, she felt it was dry but it didn't go patchy or cling to dry skin.

Bit o'bronzer for a summery look

What do you think of tinted moisturisers? Can you bear to part with foundation for the summer?


  1. Which sunscreen for the face do you recommend?

  2. I've only just started wearing foundation at all so in a way i'm hopinh i can cope over the summer. But if i can't i have my old faithful avon tinted moisturiser and new SPF 50 pressed powder :D This looks like good stuff but far too expensive for me and i'm very disappointed about the packaging, usually UD have the nicest looking products, this is ugly in my opinion :(

  3. U look totally awesome!!! I luve it~


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