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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Eyeko Coral Nails - Margaritas by the pool please.

I looked at this colour with a mixture of disdain and wonder, isn't it a bit too "fun" for my nails?No sooner than putting it on did I exclaim in joy "this is just gorgeous"! My husband will testify to that!

This Coral polish in particular is easy to put on, has a lovely consistency and one coat is enough for a speedy application! I'll be slipping on a hula skirt and sipping my first margarita in the bar in no time whatsoever! I'd rather that than wait for a thick OPI to dry! I should also add that it looks fantastic on short nails as most brights tend to make me look like I have tootie frooties for nails. The picture below is one coat, yes ONE coat, and it looks great. One coat with no top coat lasted really well for a couple of days, a bit of tip wear but no snagging or chipping I am happy to report. It also feels very comfortable on as it is quite thin but well pigmented.

The downside is that it peels and chips like nobody's business if you don't anchor it down with a good top coat! Don't expect it to last as long as your summer holiday either, but what the heck. Doing your nails is the perfect poolside past time, that and reading a bodice ripper of a book! Another personal downside is that if you wear this colour in the evening, it does look like you've got Oompa Loompa Fluorescent nails!

This colour also reminds me of my very first nail polish at the tender age of 9. It was by Sindy (for those of you who don't know was the British version of Barbie). It smelled terrible and peeled in the most satisfying way as it wasn't real nail polish. Even though I didn't like it then, I like this now, it's weird what a bit of nostalgia will do!

This nail polish was sent to me free for my review, and boy am I glad it was as this baby is coming on holiday with me!


  1. Gorgeous color, like it :)

  2. love it :)
    i also received it today ^^
    but do they sent you free products? i also want to :)

  3. That's a very fun looking colour :)

  4. aww how cute! I just got an Essie color that is very similar but I can't remember its name for the life of me. But its soo cute! I am too shy to put it on my fingers, but its going on my toes fo sho!

  5. That is so pretty...and looks amazing on your skintone x

  6. Oooh lovely colour! There are lots in their new collection that look lovely. Also hooray for Cyndi!

  7. Someone else did this review also...and I said I WANT THATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT lol..great review thanks

  8. I love readding, and thanks for your artical...................................................


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