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Friday, 14 May 2010

Hair of the day!

These are my favourite hair extensions, I've mentioned them on my blog before but I hadn't shown any pictures. These are the 18" Clip in Remi Straights, they cost £55 for a six piece set (1X4 clip, 1x3 clip, 2X2 clip, 2x1clip pieces).

I like these because they are easy to care for, respond well to washing, styling and storage and the colour match is perfect. I am a 1b (natural black).

They have a blunt end cut as well and use more actual 18" sections than others I have used. So you don't get that lovely "rat tailed" look of cheaper extensions of variable lengths. They don't knot up as much as some extensions but I do carry an extension brush with me if I am out and about to keep them looking neat. My shorter hair tends to fluff up so I need to brush my hair to keep it neatly blended in with the extensions. I can't bear using straighteners on my hair but that is the way to blend them in.

I think these are perfect for my fine hair as they are silky soft, I wouldn't be able to get away with big thick clumps of hair interspersed between my fine hair. If you hair is very thick, these might be too fine for you.

It's hard to tell which is mine and which is clip in.

I shouldn't look so miserable as I am very happy with these clips ins!

The extensions featured here were sent to me free for review by Rapunzel Rapunzel.


  1. Jasmine, you look stunning! These look so gorgeous on you and you can't tell they're extensions.
    By the way, received the Elf stuff. Thanks for sorting that. Been having fun playing with all the stuff. Hope you're well xx

  2. oh these are nice! I've been toying with extensions for getting married - my hair is long, but need some body. maybe these would be the answer instead of 'permanent' ones! look great!

  3. whoa you look like a model in the first pic!
    Gorgeous xxxx

  4. They look really natural and look great! I see a kitty asleep in the background!

  5. Just a quick comment to say you look stunningly gorgeous with the long hair :)

  6. You are absolutely gorgeous, Jasmine. The look is very natural. Very very good :-) !

  7. they look nice - do they do thick ones as my hair is really thick?x

  8. these really suit you a lot!

  9. You look beauuutiful!!
    The blue color suits you so well imo, and the extensios.. <3

    I've never worn any clip ins so I dunno if they're comfortable, but they look _so_ good, and so natural! Will you wear them on a somewhat everyday basis?
    I'd love to have the option to pimp my hair with such an easy (I just guess it is) step everyday, also as I sometimes find my hair thin at the ends, but the structure seems nearly impossible to match(small and very strong-willed botticelli curls ^^)


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