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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

UNE Cosmetics

Released in March 2010 and available in a handful of Boots stores in the UK but it is available from TODAY on Boots' website.

I bought a few items last week. I've had a week or so to try and review them.

B06 Breezy Cheeks Blush £8.99 for 3.4g
B06 Breezy Cheeks Swatched.
This is a lovely product, looks greasy in the package but as soon as you take some on your brush or finger and apply it to your cheekbone it acts like a silky powder. B06 was the darkest available, and looks lovely on but I was hoping for more nutty spicy reds and plums which I feel are more suitable for asian and black skin tones. It is available in 8 shades, there are darker and I hope to try them soon. There were just four available in Boots and they are labelled differently on the website, so I am a little confused.

L14 Lip Toned Colour £7.99 for a 2g bullet
L14 Lip Toned Colour swiped on my hand.
L14 in the bullet
A very subtle and moisturising formula with no real scent or taste. This has made it in to my all time fave every day lipsticks. I can't wait to try the rest of the colours. Picking your perfect natural shade is easy, just go for the one which is closest to your natural lip colour but more intense in terms of the dominant colour (pink, peach, red or brown). £7.99 is on the side of mid range but worth it for something you are going to use every day and love!

G13 Skin Glow Foundation £11.99 for 30mls
G13 Skin Glow Foundation - unattractively blobbed on my hand!

I am a very tricky customer when it comes to foundations. I challenge each, every and all foundation manufacturers to make me happy at a reasonable (under £25) cost. It cannot be done!

Seriously, all was going well until I tried the foundation, I was very excited by the pigmentation (just right for my skin tone which is incredibly rare for High Street make up) and the promise of the elusive skin glow. Did it deliver for me? I think you know where this is going, sadly it did not.

I applied it with every trick and technique I know, different moisturisers, primers and without anything. I could not get this foundation to stop blotching and flaking. In some cases it was rubbing off in large bits as fast as I could apply it. At £11.99, which again is mid range for a high street foundation, I expected more. I really should learn my lesson.

Brought to you by the same people as Bourjois, a brand I rate highly for kohls, concealers and mascaras. Une Beauty's ingredients are traded as 98-100% of natural origin so no silicones or parabens. Lots of interesting ingredients and no horrible smells either.

I can't wait to try the rest of the range and when I do I will report back to you as ever!


  1. The lipcolor looks really gorgeous! Quick q: which foundations do work on you? Would love to know, thanks. :)

  2. The lippy looks lovely on. My local Boots doens't stock this range, so will be making a trip to a larger store at the weekend! woo!
    Shame about the fuondation...:(

  3. I have not really found a good foundation that can cope with my demands. Only air brush or a good mineral comes close. I tend to stay away from liquid foundations favouring creme to powder and mineral powders. My favourite mineral, which is still not perfect is by Barefaced Beauty in the shade Sincere. My favourite creme to powder is The Body Shop or Sleek. If only Prescriptives still existed, their virtual skin was the bees knees!

  4. Beautiful products! Wish had them here in the Philie. =(

  5. 朝著既定的目標走,就不會迷失。........................................

  6. You have great lips! That color looks good on you :)

    I'm a new follower!



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