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Monday, 17 May 2010

Meet Wiggy!

This my newest hair product. After such a massive trial getting it, I will explain below, I am delighted to show you my new wig!

You all know, in case you didn't, that I have incurable hair loss brought on hypothyroidism. Apart from that I am a fit and healthy person so mustn't grumble!

I have long wanted to try wigs but have felt a bit weird about it, after all I am a normal person not Lady Gaga! I decided to get fitted for a wig, after buying one via eBay and realising that I did not know what was going to suit me. So I went to a specialist in Oxford called Demop, who work with a lot of cancer patients. They were marvellous, I was made to feel very welcome and they were so helpful. They helped me try on about 10 different wigs and gave me honest and reliable feedback. I wish I had taken some photos of some of the more hilarious ones that just looked ridiculous on me - proper wiggy.

I decided to get a wig that looked like I was wearing a wig. That may sound weird, but I am not trying to hide my hair loss. There's no such thing as a perfect wig that will fool everyone! So I decided to go for a simple and bold bob wig. Unmistakably a wig but such a fashionable one that I think it will go down well.

It's so easy to put on, I simply put my hair in a pony tail and put the wig over the top. You can use wig tape or clips but I haven't needed them. You can also use a wig stocking cap but I found that just made the wig slide about and didn't feel comfortable as it was tight.

I then went to the hair dressers for a regular trim and took the wig with me. The fringe was way too long and I couldn't see as it was down to the bridge of my nose! My stylist was excellent, took time and care to trim it to the correct length and now wants one herself! The wig looks and feels very natural, the hair is synthetic so it won't kink, lose shine or get split ends! It can't be styled using heat though. It moves like natural hair and is glossy. My head is really snug and warm too. It has a natural parting on the crown.

Do you know what the best thing is about Wiggy? NO MORE BAD HAIR DAYS! If I feel a bit crappy about my hair, I pop my lovely Wiggy on and I am happy!

So what do you think of Wiggy? Could you be tempted to no more bad hair days?

A huge lack of make up but I was excited about the wig! Focus on the wig!
OK, OK I'll put some lippy on! There!

This is a wig by Hairaisers called Holly, it was £45. I bought it from a wig website which I am loathe to recommend as they kept me waiting for over 2 weeks and didn't tell me it was out of stock when I ordered and paid for it!


  1. Oooh wigs are so much fun! :D
    I have about eight myself, from ebay. They were really cheap but they're quite good I think, though most really look like wigs I suppose, the hair is just very, _very_ full hair, very 'perfect'. Those that are more normal in thickness like yours are more wearable. I mainly bought them to be able to see other haircolors on me.

    I have long hair that has quite a lot of volume as it's curly (though it's actually not that thick at all) and so I find it a lot of work to get the wig on. Sometimes my curls push the wig up so my head looks kinda big, lol
    So so far it hasn't been a solution for bad hair days for me because it took more effort than fixing my hair ^^, but I should try those caps that are worn under hijabs, I guess it will fix it for me.

    Yours looks really good I think, and as the color and structure are close to your natural hair it suits well.
    Have fun with Wiggy! :D

  2. You look great with a fringe, very Cleopatra :)

  3. I LOVE the look on you! And I'm so jealous that you look so pristine without makeup. I am tempted by the idea to have a wig around just in case of bad hair days. :)

  4. The wig looks really great Jasmine! Love it xx

  5. Jasmine, you look amazing with that wig! It seems so natural, just if you had a bob haircut The hair is bright and the bangs suit you so well. I never try a wig but it may be an interesting experiment... ;)

  6. Oh wow, that looks brilliant!! If you'd said instead "here's my new haircut" we'd never know it was a wig.

  7. It really suits you :) I'm tempted to look into a wig- sometimes i get bored of my hair and they make a good quick change. I suppose they could be to hair what make up is to the face (^_^)

  8. Having had the pleasure of seeing Wiggy in person, I can say with absolute confidence it looks freakin' amazing.

    I had reason to go wig shopping with a family member last year and agree that it is SO much fun trying out different styles. Most really need thinning out a bit, but yours looked perfect. Modern day Cleopatra indeed!

    Lovely to see you on Saturday x

  9. I really like playing with wigs, they're always fun for changing your appearance. That one looks great on you! And my god you look amazing without makeup!

  10. You look great in Wiggy! I often look at wigs on eBay and am tempted to buy a few, I'm just not sure what would suit me. I love the thought of putting on a wig and have it ready styled, I am lazy like that! I have long hair but really don't look after it as much as I should. I'll probably just get it all cut off soon.

    I don't mean to be rude, but I saw you mention that you have Hypothyroidism. Can I ask what medication your doctor prescribes you for your hypothyroidism (if any) and when/how you were diagnosed? The reason I ask, I had my first thyroid test nearly 4 years ago (requested by my doctor, not me) and back then my results weren't good... my doctor just said "hmm, not great but we'll see how you go". I didn't really take much notice because I didn't know anything about thyroids and hypo! She mainly requested the blood test to check because of my depression/weight gain.

    I started doing some research last year and have learnt a little about it all, but I must be honest, there is so much to know that I find it rather confusing.

    I had another thyroid test last year (I wanted this one done after doing some research) and my results were even higher... but still, my doctor sent me away and said "we'll see how it goes".
    I have suffered with severe depression for 10 years now, along with many other problems. I am now convinced it's because of my thyroid (low mood/depression being one of the symptoms). My test results are VERY close to being over the highest limit but my doctor just sent me away again, I found it rather frustrating. I've heard this sort of thing is very common with doctors. Anyway, enough of my rambling!

  11. The wig looks great! This post has offcially made my day. Lovely!

  12. wow you look amazing, it really suits you and am loving the fringe! What a perfect way to deal with bad hair days...i have them far too often! xx

  13. Hi Chrystal, if you are borderline hypothyroid, then it is best to wait to see if it worsens. I was diagnosed over 10 years ago and only because my mother has the same disease. Wait, be patient and talk to your doctor about dealing with your depression in different ways. I run nearly every day and that helps keep the good happy hormones circulating. Not whilst I am running mind you, it's horrible! xxxx

  14. Thanks Charlotte! I think being in the hot room with a synthetic wig on was a bit of a nightmare, but in winter it'll be a brilliant thing to keep me warm! It was really nice to see you, hope to see you soon for a longer chat xxx

  15. You look lovely :) The wig style really suits you!
    I think I may have to get one to avoid those "bad hair days" Lol xx

  16. how fun! love the wig!!!

  17. You look pretty with the wiggy on and without! Love all your videos and I really enjoy watching them:-)

  18. I love it - when I saw you at the Une thing on Saturday I just thought it was your real hair!

  19. I can so see you wearing a beautiul Eygptian/Cleopatra look with that wig. It looks great, really suits you.


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