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Sunday, 2 May 2010

A One to One Session - Before and After Photos

This is the lovely May who booked me for a one to one session. May would love to wear more than just mascara and eyeliner but feels that in her professional job she needs it to be both subtle and natural. No problem, you know me I am the Queen of subtle work friendly make up!

May doesn't have a lot of time to put on her make up in the morning as she has a busy and professional, sometimes shift based lifestyle. For this reason I used as few products as possible to give May the optimum time to get ready before her work!

May's bare naked face!

The main aim was to even out the skin tone, and enhance May's lovely eye shape. So I concentrated on using a good primer and powder to reduce shine during the day. I also used a brightening concealer under the eyes. A light fluid foundation was used because generally May's skin was in good condition, with only a few breakouts on the jaw line, nose and forehead.

Smashbox Photofinish Gel Primer (around the nose and forehead)
Sleek Make Up New Skin Revive Liquid Foundation in Calico
e.l.f Undereye Concealer and Highlighter in Medium under the eyes and around the nose*
e.l.f Colour corrective concealer palette to conceal any redness and blemishes*
e.l.f Translucent Powder to set concealer*
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Eyes and Lips in Velvet Plum on the cheeks

May has gorgeous almond shaped eyes, slightly wide apart and partially deep set. So I used a neutral and matte shade first of all followed with a matte dark brown to contour the eye, bringing it slightly above the crease. The amber gold colour was used to add warmth to the eye.

A very fine line of black cream eyeliner was used between the lashes and on the top lash line to add definition and thicken the lashes. Brown pencil was used on the lower lash line, black could also be used sparingly.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Matte cream e/s all over the lid and up to the brow bone
Matte Dark brown e/s in the crease and outer corner
Amber/bronze e/s on the outer corner and middle of the eyelid
Peachy e/s as highlight under brow bone and cheek bone
e.l.f cream eyeliner in black on the top lash line, very close to the lashes and not winged out.*
Dark brown eye liner on the lower lash line.
Bourjois Ultra Care Mascara in Black

Lip balm
Face of Australia Urban Spice SPF 20 lipstick applied very lightly (Similar to MAC Spice it Up or e.l.f Rustic Brick l/s)

A light dusting of e.l.f HD powder*

Before and After!

The aim of a one to one session with me is to be able to recreate this look for yourself, I choose products and colours that you'd like to use and teach you how to get the best from them. In a session such as this, I create the look first then we remove it and start again with you at the controls! With a bit of guidance and practice, you'll be able to get results like this in no time! Sounds like fun? Then why not book a session with me, either in person or via Skype video? Feel free to email me for more details.

Did you like May's make over? May feels confident that with a bit of practice she'll have this look nailed. I also told her that the techniques I used on her eyes can be used with any four complementary eye shadow colours should she like to experiment!

Items marked with * were sent to me free for review, I am affiliated with e.l.f Cosmetics UK.


  1. Wow she has the most amazing eyebrows - wish mine looked like that without make-up! She looks really fresh and polished afterwards. Lovely!

  2. She looks great - I love how perfect her skin looks!

  3. Beautiful...I love how flawless her skin looks after.


  4. Lovely! It can be diffcult to strike the right balance for work.


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