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Friday, 29 April 2011

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Tapered Blending Brush

I have several OCC brushes, they are synthetic (vegan and cruelty free) brushes. I use the large powder brush on brides to calm their nerves, it's very therapeutic, as well as for applying setting powders!

The tapered blending brush is primarily of the eye area but I often use it to blend away concealer lines from under the eyes and around the nose. Synthetic brushes are wholly more versatile than hair brushes, they also don't leach their dye, they dry more quickly and are a dream to use with wet and dry products. If you're thinking of buying a new set of brushes or a few new ones then you really can't go wrong with synthetic ones. They will last a lot longer too (as they can be treated more roughly for thorough cleansing and the hairs won't bend or splay out when drying).

I've enjoyed using this brush a lot, it comes with me on every outing as do the powder and small shader brushes! I think the prices are fairly reasonable for brushes which are going to last, you can use with wet and dry products, and deliver good results. I think these are better than a lot of synthetic brushes and I would expect that from this price range. I can't compare to cheaper brushes such as the Ecotools and e.l.f Bamboo - which are also brilliant brushes too for the price and ranges available.

You can find OCC brushes on Love-makeup in UK from their website, the tapered blending brush is £14.99.


  1. Ooh, I'm always on the lookout for good vegan brush recommendations. Especially for blending brushes! x

  2. This brush looks great, really want to try it ^^

    Xoxo Christine

  3. Hi.I am from Armenia.First I want to thank You Jasmine for all the videos,I watch them every day. I want to learn from you very much.I advise everybody to watch your videos cos I can say I watch many videos about tutorial but yours is the best cos you really teach how to look after skin.I try my best to find the products in Armenia You use but couldn't find everything and it is very expensive to ship products to Armenia.I thought about have your products here so that women can buy everything what you use.In the end I would like again thank You.
    Sincere Siran

  4. Thank you for your comment and for spreading the word! I think in any country you can find good quality and not too expensive make up which will achieve the same as I do in my looks without needing to ship it. As long as it works for you! :)


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