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Friday, 8 April 2011

Compact and bijoux - travel make up

A quick picture from my recent travels showing that I can get all my make up and brushes in to a small wristlet (which doubles as an evening purse). As you know I like to decant large containers in to smaller ones that can either be disposed of or fit neatly in to a pouch.

Every time I travel I try take as little as possible, what I take is obviously dependent on where and what I'll be doing on my travels too. This time it was a trip to London for the day to give makeovers at a trade show.

NYX HD eyelid primer - this is a white, thin consistency which is a nice alternative to creamy, dry feeling primers. It doesn't have to be set with matte powder, but I use my face powder to as it makes the shadows last even longer. Available from Cocktail Cosmetics.

Bourjois Kohl and Contour 16 hour eye liner in brown

Coastal Scents compact eyelash curler - an excellent curler, not a frightening contraption and gives a nice natural curl, it is not possible to over curl the lashes using this curler.

e.l.f Studio Concealer pencil and brush
e.l.f Studio Undereye concealer and highlighter
Lily Lolo blush in Clementine (tester)
Face Atelier Ultra Foundation in #7 Tan from Cocobeau.
Face Atelier Loose Powder (which I then proceeded to drop all over the bathroom, pah!)

Alva Eye Shadow Duo (Gold) - an utterly amazing eye shadow duo which suits everyone. Creamy and multi-tonal means that it will look different according to skin tone but it works with rather than against. A definite must have!

Bourjois Lipstick in Sienne - a peachy lipstick, which I didn't think would work for me but it does. It has enough pigment to block out the undertone of my lips to lighten them and then I place a lipgloss over the top to tone the peachyness down a bit.

A selection of e.l.f brushes.

You're wondering where my mascara is? I was travelling down as well to look at a lot of mascara samples for a new project that we are working on, so naked lashes were required for me to test them out!


  1. Thanks for your Post! So Perfect~
    I Love mascara, really superb eyelash curlers and all things Lashes.

    My new FAV is the Hot Lashes heated 2 pc lash curler. It has gotten great reviews at favorite Hot Lashes Makeup artist Kit..Absolute best..

    They have a great sturdy 24K gold metal curler similiar to the Shu Uemura and Sheisdo one that comes with its own seperate pink small heater base that heats just the pad in the curler, this way my curl really lasts.

    Makes my eyes POP and keeps my lashes super curly, they have a website
    This product is my Beauty religion~

    Major Rave, the cadillac of worth the price. My friends and I love love love this one! Best by far,,
    HTH~…:) Abundant blessings to all..

  2. Thank you for that glowing review, did you see what I did there glowing, heated curlers, get it? OK, I find heated eye lash curlers a bit intimidating and perhaps a little overkill for eye lashes and not exactly portable! I haven't tried them as I don't think heat is good for hair (I don't use heated appliances unless I really have to!)

  3. Shu uemura or Elf eyelash curler?Any suggestion?

    Best Of Luck!!
    Best Eyelash Curler

  4. Its just simply amazing collection of Beauty Products. I love to do Makeup.


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