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Monday, 25 April 2011

L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Moisture Mask

I have nothing but good things to say about this product.

Immortelle is a tiny yellow flower which grows in and around Mediterranean coastlines. They are so called as they last a long time, drying them even maintains their distinctive daisy-like scent. This product uses an essential oil derived from the flowers which is said to boost collagen synthesis and cell renewal. I know nothing of these aspects so I can only talk about how I have used it and the effects I have noticed immediately after use.

I now travel with a little pot of the mask as it has such powerful skin hydration properties. I take my make up off when the plane has taken off and apply a generous layer of the mask to help keep my skin content in the the dry air of the flight. Reapply if the flight is longer than 2 hours. I then arrive with plump and fresh skin, ready for the day or evening!

I have only ever experienced the plumping effects, like those I experience with this mask, after an expensive facial infusion treatment. So it indeed is worth the price tag! I was very pleasantly surprised also that this effect has not lessened with each use. Every time I use this mask (generally after exfoliating to calm and hydrate the skin once a week) my skin feels wonderfully plump, fine lines are less noticeable and my skin is brighter. The rest of the range is looking fairly attractive to me...

A note about how the skin brightening compounds work in this product, they lessen the effectiveness of melanin production in the skin. This is not advisable if you do not intend to use a high SPF when in sunlight as you are lessening the natural defence of your skin to sunlight. This mask is intensive and requires after care of your skin. I would advise using the Brightening Shield which has SPF40, which brightens and evens as well as protects at the same time. This advice must not be ignored.

Another note about brightening, it is not about lightening your skin shade, I do not endorse skin lightening. It's a form of internal racism in my mind and I don't approve of it at all. Instead I would like to see brown people celebrate and be proud of our gorgeous and individual skin tones! There are enough fools out there trying desperately to be brown and ending up orange, and we have it naturally! But if you suffer from uneven skin tones, pigmentation from acne or medication then that's different. I use this for the moisturising effects and to even out persistent and dark scars from occasional acne.

A 125ml tub is generous and should last you several months of weekly use, it is priced around £39 and available from L'Occitane stores and online.


  1. hi! My name is Khareen and I am from the Philippines, but i now live in Sweden. I have been seriously contemplating to buy this specific product from L'Occitane since I have this problem of uneven skin tone on my face. My skin is really dry and i have dark circles under my eyes and parts of my chin. i have scars from previous pimples also. Do you think this product would work on me? I am scared to try it since it costs so much and it doesn't work on me. I have been looking around for some reviews in the internet and so far, the reviews were good. I find your blog really helpful.

  2. Hi again! I meant to say "the products cost a lot and MIGHT NOT work". About the Brightening Shield with SPF40, can or should an Asian use such high spf? any info or tips would be highly appreciated! tnx so much!

  3. Unfortunately I can't tell you if it will work on you or not, read all the information on their website or in their stores, and ask their customer services for more information. It is an expensive product and you need to be sure.

  4. Hi,
    Where can we buy L’Occitane products here in the Philippines? I want to try it! By the way, thanks for this review :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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