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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Inika Certified Organic Eye Liner in 02 Coco Review

If you've ever wanted an eye liner which is not black but not brown either, then this is the colour for you. Forever mixing my brown and black cream liners to get that perfect colour is nearly a thing of the past.

Many brands are starting to see the light (or dark) of producing products that are in between black and brown, I find most browns don't show up and black is a little too harsh for day wear unless it is used very thinly.

When choosing a shade that is in between, look for names like Espresso, Coco or BlackCocoa (such as Pixi by Petra). It really will be the colour of very strong dark coffee.

Inika is an Australian brand and has been a favourite ever since becoming cruelty free, the brand is reassuringly inexpensive considering that the products are organic, vegan and of excellent quality. This pencil retails for between £7-11 depending on stockist. The liner itself is creamy with a dryish texture which allows it to last a long while even on the waterline. It doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes like others can; and when fixed with dark shadow it has all the staying powder of a gel or cream liner.

I have tried only a limited part of the range, but I would recommend you try their pigment shadows, there are some simply stunning colours and textures. I am testing out the Liquid Mineral Foundation at the moment so I shall report back to you in good time.

You can find Inika products at many websites, mainly those with an organic or natural focus. You can find out more about Inika as a company from their Australian website, which will also give you lots of information about their product range.

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