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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Nerves of steel, more like plastic!

Now that June is finally here, I am getting nervous about an impending trip to the dentist. For the second time in my life, I am having braces to correct my teeth. As a teenager I had train tracks top and bottom and all I remember was the pain, the embarrassment and the lisping. Plus the inability to eat properly without worrying about bits stuck in my teeth.

However I also remember that after the 2 years, I had wonderful straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Sadly though, as time went on my teeth gradually started to move and now I am self conscious about my smile and have been for a few years now.

I can finally afford to have them rectified. Dental treatment was free first time around and now that I am paying from my pocket I realise how lucky kids in the UK are to have free dental.

Thankfully I don't have to suffer the metal mickey mouth this time as I am going for a Clearstep brace. Clearstep is a virtually invisible and thin gum shield type of brace which over the next 10 months will move my front teeth back to the original alignment.

I will have to wear it 24 hours a day (taking it out to eat and brush my teeth) and it won't be as painful on the gums and cheek as metal braces were (I still have scars where they were cut up the first time!).

So wish me luck and look out for them, if you can't see them - let me know!


  1. I had top and bottom braces from the age of 15-19 so I feel your pain. Wasn't a pleasant experience for me either. Good luck with this one!

  2. Is Clearstep the exact same as Invisalign?? I had (still have in fact) Invisalign since October 2008! xx

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  4. I've always been blessed with perfectly straight teeth, but for the last 10 years or so they've started moving and my front 2 teeth are crossing over. I'm going to investigate this (never heard of it before!) as I was wondering what I could do now that I'm nearing 40. Bit cheeky I know, but could you give an indication of cost? Perhaps I could give you my email address?

  5. I wish I'd had a brace when I was young; my orthodentist put me off by saying I'd need 4 teeth taken out, and he didn't want to do it as NHS so I left it. & Now I get quoted thousands of ££s- forget that!! omg it's so outrageous. my teeth are f-ed up, but still. Jasmine your teeth and hair looked so perfect to me,I just can't see anything at all with either...? but as long as you're happy xxx Good luck!

  6. I'm lucky to be blessed with very straight theeth so far, I did need those ugly, huge braces you have to wear ~12hrs a day for a few years, but found it quite bearable & it was very effective.
    It's funny you mention dentists just today, ^^ either today or tomorrow I'll have to go there as I seem to have cavity, ouch! :( I've had zero cavities all my life, changed nothing about my routine but since last year my teeth worsen a lot, damn.

    I wouldn't have guessed you weren't happy with your teeth, they always looked great to me too, but good luck!! xxxx

  7. @MistysMum, you'll have to go to your dentist and get a quote, your needs might be very different to mine so the cost will be different depending on how many moulds are taken and how long the treatment will take.


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