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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Michael Todd Cosmetics Review

A new brand to the blogging sphere is US based Michael Todd Cosmetics. Their website is host to a variety of different products for make up, skin care and fragrance amongst others. I was sent a clutch of 5 products of my choice. I chose the 5 below:

Cream e/s in Gold Dream
Gel e/liner in Urban Mobility
Lipstick Creme in Pumpkin
Everything Stick in Dixie
Creme Glace Lip gloss in Show Stopper

A few close ups of the products post swatch (click on any of the images for a larger picture):

A few swatches:

Creme Glace in Show Stopper

Lip Stick in Pumpkin

I have a mixed review on these products.

I adored Pumpkin lipstick, it's bright orange in reality, the photos don't do it justice. But comes out peachy on me. It is highly pigmented and lasts ages, however it is rather dry. If you apply it straight from the bullet it will pull off any dry skin on your lips. My advice is to make sure your lips are exfoliated and well moisturised before putting this on! Highly pigmented lipsticks will cling to dry bits so bear this in mind.

The lip gloss is thick, moisturising and slides about on the lips. The smell is quite nice, a sort of coconut/vanilla smell, but a little strong for my liking. I liked the colour "Show Stopper" and I would wear this daily as it works really well over lipsticks to keep the lips moist. The smell doesn't linger thankfully.

The Everything Stick in "Dixie" is a multi-purpose product - for lips and cheeks etc... The colour would suit most skin tones, apart from olive skin tones as it would make the complexion look muddy, as it is a pink/peach with gold glitter. I like multi-purpose products, however this product does none of the intended purposes well. It is glittery bordering on gritty and wears away too quickly to be a good lip or cheek product. As it contains a lot of glitter I don't feel that it works for me as a daytime product unless I want a glittery look. I loved the cream to powder texture but it is too thin to be a good multipurpose product. It needs more cling and pigment.

The cream eye shadow in "Gold Dream" also suffers from the same problem, too much gritty glitter and not enough pigment. It sets quickly and resists creasing for a little while, however the glitter finish is patchy and you don't have long to work the product before it becomes un-blendable. It also feels gritty and dry on the lid which is a feature of highly crease resistant eye products. I don't like this feel as it makes my eyes itch but I understand it. I would like to have tried a more matte cream eye shadow for comparison to see if this is a feature of the glitter or the cream.

The gel eye liner in "Urban Mobility" is a good one, very little smudging and the colour on the eye is true to the colour in the pot. It also glides on and and is easy to apply. I've had a little play with a cut crease as you can see in the images below!

So as I said, a bit of a mixed review of these products, which you can buy from the US via the Michael Todd Website. However please note that these products have been safety tested to US standards not EU standards which are more stringent about ingredients and labelling. I have suffered no ill reaction as I checked the ingredient listings for EU banned substances but it's just something you should know when buying products from countries outside the EU.

Michael Todd's website is here. A selection of the products can be purchased and shipped to the EU from this wholesale website.


  1. Ooh, I do like that gel liner. Interesting brand, don't think I've heard of that one before.

  2. I love how you've done your eyes and I like the look of the pumpkin lipstick.

  3. I love the look of Pumpkin and that look you've done with the liner in the crease is just gorgeous!

  4. Very pretty look! Do you have any suggestions for dark pigmented lips in terms of lipsticks or any type of lip wear. Thanks.

  5. The Cream Glace in Showstopper is a gorgeous colour. How long lasting was it hun?

  6. I cant say I am a fan yet, but love your eye talent.

  7. @SounMari, I would go for matte lipsticks as there is more pigment. Using a lip pencil to line and fill in the lips can help too. I prefer not to use concealer on the lips because it tends to gather in the corners and look goopy!

  8. @Big Fashionista the staying power was normal, a c couple of hours of moist feeling lips!

  9. lady, you are a bit of a genius! i LOVE what you did with that!!! amazing!!! xxx


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