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Friday, 25 June 2010

Guest Post, introduced to e.l.f!

** We all have friends who love make up and own some of it but never use it. My friend Lou is no exception. I took it upon myself to send Lou a gift of several items that she had borrowed from me on a recent weekend away. I also ordered a few items that I thought she might like. Here's Lou's review!**

So lets be fair I am lazy when it comes to makeup, it really only comes out for special occasions or on the odd occasion where I find myself with 5 minutes to spare (not that that happens very often!)

Paying a small fortune on make up I do begrudgingly as I never use it all before it needs chucking and it seems such a waste.

In despair at my lack of make up and my minimal use my friend Jasmine purchased a few key bits for me from E.L.F to see perhaps if I could be enticed in to the world of make up.

I got a foundation, a couple of lip glosses and a concealer/highlighter pen and a lipstick which I can't comment on because I appear to have lost it already :-(

**OxfordJasmine edit: I bought
Hypershine lip gloss in Fairy
Luscious liquid lipstick in Caramel Candy
Studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter in glow/medium
Mineral Lipstick in Rosy Raisin
Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15 in Light Beige**

These products are a perfect size to pop in your handbag and not too large so a girl like me will waste them, they look stylish, do what it says on the tin, oh and lets not forget they are very reasonably priced which all makes me very happy.

I particularly liked the lipglosses which have taken permanent residence in my handbag for day and night. Also the concealer/highlighter is just as good as a lot of it's more expensive rivals which over the years I have tried and thrown out. Although the foundation was a bit light it may be that's because I've got a bit of summer sun so I'll perhaps get that out again in the winter. The nice thing is from £1.50 you can afford to maybe not get it quite right each time and I can always mix the foundation with a darker one. The consistency was good though and it went on well with good coverage.

I have particularly sensitive skin too and none of the products had any unwanted effects on my skin.

Ok so I'm not completely converted but I am using these products and I fear I may even need to replenish the lipglosses in the not too distant future the only question now is which colour I should go for.

**Thanks Lou! I did indeed purchase these products myself and I am affiliated with e.l.f CosmeticsUK**


  1. I love e.l.f...there are some gems which are worth trying a few duds for.

    Kat x Click&

  2. I have never tried the ELF tinted moisturiser! I didn't know that they did one! Is it part of their normal line or studio line?


    Youtube Channel:

  3. I have never tried it. I mostly use MARK.
    Great post!

  4. Your friend Lou has a very nice smile :)
    I love Elf products too, especially the foundation but I find it a little too thick for summer and because I live in a very sunny country I never wear foundation in Summer, it's too hot. I only wear a daycream and the tan the sun gives to me.


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