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Friday, 4 December 2009

New Liners from Eyeko

I was sent these three Eyeko Liners the other day. You can buy Eyeko online or at Superdrug.

Super Star Eyes £3.50
Pop Star Eyes £3.50
Graffiti Eye Liner in Black £5

There's also a Black glitter and silver pencil called Rock Star. Glitterly pencils do not go near my eyes as they are generally scratchy and I don't see the point of them.

First up, some swatches of the duo ended pencils called "line and shine". All the shades are wonderfully vibrant. I find the electric blue the most enticing because it is matte (no shimmer or glitter).

On the eye however, whilst the colour is amazing and electric, there is much creasing.

Electric Purple, Plum on the lower lash line + Graffiti Liner. This pencil didn't glide on as well as the electric blue. I did warm it up but it made no difference. Blending just removed the pencil, leaving it patchy.

Electric Blue with Teal on the lower waterline. This pencil went on really well and I gently blended it with a small brush with pleasing results.

I think these are amazingly well pigmented, in the photos they look genuinely electric! In real life they are more muted, which is no bad thing!

As liners, the line and shine pencils don't work very well. They kind of cake up in the lashes which can pull at them. On the water line they are fine and look good. The graffiti pens are well pigmented and work excellently on the bare lid. However over the waxy consistency of the pencils, it doesn't show up that well.

I think the nib of the graffiti pen is overly large compared to others but the point is sturdy which gives good accuracy to any line and you can get in the inner corner more easily. Good if you're in a hurry or find liquid liners just too tricky.

The blue pencil blended very easily, however the purple just went patchy. Taking off the pencil requires an oil based cleanser which melts and lifts the wax. You'll be rubbing for ages with a wet wipe or cream however.

Personally I wouldn't recommend the graffiti liner because I have pens with smaller nibs which work more effectively. I like the electric blue because I think it would work better with a shadow over the top to set it. I might try it with the e.l.f shadow transformer to add some iridescence.


  1. Thanks for the honest review, i think the colours do look really nice :) x

  2. The purple look is SO stunning. Great and honest review! I want to try Eyeko's 3 in 1 cream really badly!

  3. Electric blue is such an amazing colour. Great honest review I really appreciate it. Thank you.

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