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Friday, 4 December 2009

FTC - My thoughts.

This is Mary Engle, Associate Director Bureau of Consumer Protection. Part of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the US. Watch this clear video to find out more about the guidelines we bloggers and reviews are being asked to uphold. I feel that although I'm in the UK, I have a duty to be a part of the FTC endeavours to protect my readers in the US. I also feel that the FTC has done us a favour, we can now be as "honest" as we like without fear of reprisal from other reviewers, PR agencies and cosmetics companies.

All this hoo-ha is not done just to annoy us or expose reviewers as frauds. So far, it's been easy to comply with the new guidelines with a few simple disclaimer words on my blog and YouTube. There is no need to go mad with massive disclaimers, I just need to say where I have received a product or been paid (paid I wish!). I seriously don't think anyone has a problem with the fact that I get sent stuff to review? I am very pleased that I am now even more open about where I get products. I don't feel like a marketing channel because if I don't like something, then I say so and why.

I have noticed in the last few days of videos that my friends on YouTube such as Sirvinya and FilthyGorgeousMakeUp, who have always been upfront and honest, are even more "honest". It is refreshing to say the least, I am really enjoying this new found freedom.

So keep it up girls, it's liberating to the say the least. The only thing I am asking myself is why didn't I do this sooner? I guess if I am "honest" I always felt it was like boasting if I mentioned that I got them for free, weird but true. So now that I have to, it's like a weight off my shoulders. I still buy a lot of products that I use and review but perhaps it's less than you thought and I hope you aren't disappointed. I guess because I am a make up artist, I already have a full kit of stuff that I use. A product has to be pretty revolutionary and a must have for me to be interested in purchasing. So it's nice that I get sent every day products to try for a bit of fun.

Have a fun weekend!


  1. I am simply going to continue with "I got sent this for free". I've had some seriously shitty comments off people who don't believe me when I say I've bought something. But that's what the delete button is for.

    Also, while I'm still uncomfortable being forced to comply with US rulings despite not being a US citizen I do understand the need for disclosure.

    The current issue with the CS foundations is a prime example of why we need to be honest. Some gurus who get sent their stuff have been hiding the fact that they got sent every colour. I was upfront with the fact I got all 14, why hide it? I had many emails from people thanking me for my honesty and the fact I swatched them all.

    Long comment is long and I adore your penguins.

  2. Yes great post Jasmine - I'm really happy too that there is to be greater clarity and also understand what you are saying about it sounding like showing off if you have free stuff. It isn' a beauty writer its usual for me to get stuff for free because people want it reviewed so you have to start thinking the same - you are a beauty writer and an industry influencer!

  3. I do think there needs to be more honesty on the internet/youtube especially if you are reviewing a product! Me personally I don't mind if you get send stuff for free. First of all you are in the make-up business so I get that and second of all I'm not the jealous kind..;-) And there is also the fact that nobody is holding a knife to my throat to buy the product you are reviewing. It is still up to me to take your review for what it is and decide if I want to buy it or not...

  4. Great post as always. I'm certainly glad that we're all going to be held accountable if we're not disclosing things sent for free. With some gurus, its soo obvious that they were sent something for free, but they just don't openly admit it. It's very frustrating and tarnishes their reputation.

  5. Thanks for your thoughts on this issue!

    @britishbeautyblogger - I didn't realise I was an industry influencer, I like it!

    @Dees, ha ha - sometimes in Selfridges I feel the cold steel of the knife from some of the sales ladies!

  6. Personally, I reall don't care if someone got something for free or not (but that doesn't mean I am ok with people lying, I admit... I admire honesty)... I don't see why it has anything to do with my if someone got it for free or not. If I ever decided for whatever silly reason I didn't like people receiving stuff for free (I doubt this will ever happen!) then I simply wouldn't watch their videos anymore, rather than complain.

    There are alot of videos being posted about the new FTC guidelines... and some are very confusing, and possibly misleading. I have suggested to the people who are WORRYING, to do their own research and read the new guidelines for themself. I have done a little research myself... and from what I found, people are basically required to state if they got a certain item, or items for free or were paid to do a review etc? Alot of people are being told they have to put a disclaimer for every single product they mention in their video/blog etc (for products they actually bought). From what I read, I don't make that out to be the case, but perhaps I am wrong?

  7. As for me, I dont care if you got stuff for free or bought it as even I understand its your job so that is bound to happen. I am in research and we are sent many product samples to review so that is fine. What annoys me is the fact that many youtube make up "gurus" post good reviews of products just because they are paid to do it. I was very annoyed with that. If I spend money I want it to be on something that is worth. And if you term yourself a guru atleast be honest to the thousands of people following you.

    But Jasmine, I think I have mentioned it before, I was glad that you and a few others are honest in their opinions. It has helped me a lot honestly. Thank you so much!!


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