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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Naked Nails!

I am loving nude nails right now, because it lasts ages and requires little maintenance! I can also get away with wearing it at work.

I use Jessica #371 in Breathless. I bought this from a beauty therapist for £5 a while ago after having a french pedicure. I just love how healthy my toenails looked. I have not wanted to use anything else on my toes since June.

I am now half way through the bottle which is a real first for me as I have never finished a bottle of nail varnish before!

It doesn't look like much but I like the shine and sublte pink/peach colour that I haven't been able to achieve with many french manicure nail polishes.


  1. Try Rimmel Lycra French Manicure 442 French Rose. It's my most favourite "nude" shade. :)

  2. that's so weird lol
    i was just doing my nails using rimmel french manicure in 442 french rose!
    i must say it is a pretty nude colour.
    i use it al the tym and add a bit of colour at the tips of my nails.

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