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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Tuesday Tag!

Thanks LottieB for this tag!

1. Mood:
A passing sadness when I was thinking about Harvey and looking through a few photos. The lovely Cosmetic Candy has jokingly offered me her kitties but I don't think I could love another kitty more than I loved Harvey. His companion Mewser (my other kitty) is a lovely girl and she would not cope with another cat in the house, she and Harvey didn't get on. He would wash her and she would hiss at him. They were largely time share cats, one in one out so they were never really in the same place together!

I am also feeling determined today, I need to get my act together and sort out my aspirations. I love being a freelance make up artist so I need to make more of the opportunities I am presented with. Sign up with an agent perhaps and work on a website portfolio.

2. Do you read or study with the TV or music playing in the background?
I like complete silence, sometimes I like music in the background but I get bored of it quickly. I generally drive without the radio or music on.

3. Do you wear glasses?
Just sunglasses!

4. Outfit:
Skinny jeans, warm fluffy jumper and long black cardigan

5. Cold weather — love it or hate it?
I love the bright sunny days that are slighly cold at the same time!

6. Eyes/Lips/Cheeks:
I'm wearing Clinique SPF30 Sun Block and that it's today!

7. What was the last nice thing to happen to you?
Husband came home from work and cheered me up!

8. Something you’d like to remind yourself of today:
There are always choices, it's up to me whether I am brave enough to make them.

9. Guys who carry man purses — yes or no?
My husband carries a back pack with him, generally containing the lunch I make him and who knows what else is in there!

10. Weekly goals: Make some videos for my channel and work on website!


  1. Awe, sorry about Harvey:( I've only had two pets and one of them [the oldest] was left with my parents when I got married - mostly because I thought my parents needed the companion. I see him getting old now and I get sad to think that one day [assuming the natural order of things applies] I will see him pass on....I know for a fact that loosing him is going to be a pain I've never felt before. Anyhoo, I do hope you cheer up. Just try to remember all the love you shared with Harvey; and all the love that Harvey shared with you:) Oh, and good luck with your goals too!

  2. oh no! what happend to harvey :(

  3. awwee! you make lunch for your husband. that is very sweet ;)

  4. I'm so sorry about Harvey!! I know how you must feel, I have a dog and he's getting older by the day. I know he'll die one day, and just thinking about it makes me feel horrible, so I can understand how you must feel. But as long as you have memories, he's in a way - alive :) !

  5. You're a super talented MUA and should grab your dreams by the horns and take charge. Best of luck and I'm sure you'll do well!


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